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    FMUSER PE Podcast package for Studio

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  • Date:2021-12-13
  • FMUSER PE Podcast package 1.Overview: 1.1 This is our job FMUSE Broadcast is a professional radio station equipment supplier from China. We focus on creating unforgettable storytelling environments for news, education, sports, e-sports, ...
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Product Description

FMUSER PE Podcast package


1.1 This is our job

FMUSE Broadcast is a professional radio station equipment supplier from China. We focus on creating unforgettable storytelling environments for news, education, sports, e-sports, entertainment life, multi-channel, and corporate video conferencing and communications.

1.2 This is a professional and cost-effective webcast package

Whether you are a novice podcaster, an experienced professional, a publisher or a network, FMUSER can help you get attention.

We are passionate supporters of your audience and focus on getting your audience to interact with your brand. As a group of creative and versatile audiences, questioners, and collaborative problem solvers, we strive to discover meaningful differences in each project. The FMUSER team turned these differences into purposeful landscape masterpieces.

1.3 Our own team

FMUSER has its own team to provide professional and top-level solutions among the continuously developing multi-channel suppliers, and provide you with professional pre-sales and after-sales services and high-quality products.

2. Features

2.1 FMUSER PCM-5560 microphone

FMUSER PCM-5560 heart shape unidirectional microphone has the strongest heart shape front-end sensitivity and the weakest back-end sensitivity. In this way, unnecessary environmental noise can be isolated, and the effect of eliminating echo is better than that of omnidirectional. High-efficiency electro-acoustic conversion technology, natural and clear sound reproduction, three-stage sensitivity adjustment switch suitable for different applications, high sensitivity and low impedance design perfectly match the computer integrated sound card or external sound card connection. The built-in filter windshield effectively eliminates unwanted noise, such as breathing or wind noise. Powered by a 1.5V AAA battery, the maximum working time is 360 hours.

2.2 FMUSER high-strength cantilever bracket

Multiple angles can be adjusted at will, with 3 adjustable knobs. Made of high-quality aluminum metal, surface anodized aluminum plating process, high-strength hardness, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, waterproof and not easy to deform, light and stable without falling, a built-in XLR cable uses a hidden internal wiring design, making the overall style simple and comfortable.

2.3 FMUSER 100w professional live broadcast LED fill light

FMUSER 100w high-power brightness and 240 selected LED lamp beads, using a thick soft baffle LED professional live fill light, the soft light source can escort your live broadcast for a long time, even if it is directly exposed to the eye, it is not easy Eye fatigue. 3200-5600k adjustable wide color temperature can be adjusted by remote control. It adopts a multi-hole backplane design, which can be opened for a long time and can effectively control the temperature, which greatly delays the service life. Comes with a tripod and remote control.

2.4 FMUSER live sound card console

FMUSER sound card console can be used for audio interface, music studio recording, condenser microphone, KTV, podcast microphone, singing, live broadcast, Tiktop and YouTube streaming, guitar, Facebook, voice mixing etc. The FMUSER sound card console is only suitable for major podcasts and mixing effects. If you need to be more powerful and professional, you need to buy a professional recording-level sound card. Powerful mixing function This audio interface has an audio mixer and a real-time sound card. It can support 2 microphones and 3.5mm jack input at the same time, and supports Bluetooth input as an accompaniment, which is a powerful mixing function. The output can have 3 Line out stereo 3.5mm interfaces, which can support computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. LED button lights and multiple effects, modes and game modes. This sound changer is equipped with seven different colors of breathing lights. The colored lighting changes with the changes of the music and has the same atmospheric effect as a party or bar, making your live broadcast atmosphere an immersive audience experience and retaining them. 12 modes and 20 hot field sound effects, dynamic lighting effects will bring you an unprecedented experience. Switch between four magical voice changing modes: men and women, children, and even the voices in Warcraft. Powerful function This sound changer has 12 electroacoustics and 20 preheating sound effects. It supports the elimination of the original sound, live singing, one-key avoidance, and real-time monitoring. Powerful quad-core DSP chip, stable signal, good sound quality, no delay, built-in 1200 mA high-capacity battery. Bluetooth 5.0 module supports Bluetooth wireless accompaniment. Note: 48V phantom power supply is not supported. Secondly, the microphone input and other audio input and output of this sound card are all 3.5mm interfaces.

2.5 FMUSER 4K AI smart tracking 12x optical zoom HD live camera

Using Sony 4K image sensor, 12x optical zoom brings super clear details, and can provide up to 3840*2160 resolution. It is very suitable for use scenarios such as home office, live broadcasting, online teaching, recording and games. Intelligent AI character tracking algorithm, the camera quickly captures people or objects and outputs high-definition images. Quick and effective smart adjustments keep you focused. We provide a USB 3.0 data cable, which has a faster transmission speed than USB 2.0 and guarantees 4K ultra-high-definition image output. In addition, we have attached a protective cover, which can provide you with privacy and cable security. The included tripod helps to fix the webcam on your desk, giving you more options for use. It can be connected to a teleprompter with a ring of 49mm in diameter and operated by remote control, which is convenient and time-saving. It supports one-key switching between horizontal and vertical screens, just click on the back of the camera, wait for 15 seconds, it will automatically restart and switch. Plug and play, strong compatibility, just plug the USB cable into the computer and wait a few seconds to start using it.

2.6 FMUSER Professional workstation computer

Using Core 11th-generation I7-11700 8-core 16-thread processor, Core’s powerful processor architecture and fast clock speed, this processor is designed for daily desktop users to provide amazing performance, from game lovers and creative , Education to production efficiency.

The 16G high-performance and high-capacity memory ensures the stability of software operation and high production efficiency.

512GB high-speed M.2 SSD hard disk, can realize a large number of graphics seamless workflow and stable high-speed data transmission.

P400 professional graphics design graphics card, 2GB video memory with three MDP1.4 interface output.

Built-in Bluetooth module, support WIFI6 high-speed wireless network connection

Very rich front and rear panel interfaces, USB interface, SD card reader, optical drive, etc.

Highly expandable design, if you need to upgrade by yourself, you can replace the graphics card by yourself, 5 hard disk expansion positions, and support up to 3200MHz DDR4 128GB memory.

A set of USB keyboard and mouse included.

2.7 Package description

This is a set of webcast packages that we have set up for you. There is no need to worry about settings and compatibility issues. Before the logistics is delivered to you, we will conduct quality inspections and system tests, and set up relevant equipment and system settings. When the logistics is delivered to you, it can be used and broadcast live after a simple installation. Note: This package does not include a display screen, you need to buy it yourself.

3.application scenarios:

The FMUSER webcast package network is very suitable for distance education, online product sales, news/program live broadcasts, blogger live broadcasts, etc.

4.The main equipment list of the package:

1x FMUSER PE-1 PCM-5560 Heart shape pointing live microphone

1x FMUSER PE-2 high-strength universal cantilever bracket

1x FMUSER PE-3 100w professional live broadcast LED fill light

1x FMUSER PE-4 live streaming sound card console

1x FMUSER PE-5 4K QHD Smart Tracking Live streaming Camera

1x FMUSER Professional workstation computer

Note: Please check the product features above for specific accessories.

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