We specialize in production and sales of fm transmitter and the fm transmitter accessories. We have been exporting  FM transmitter for 5 years.It been sold very well.So I know it and its market. It has very high performance and high stablity. We have clients all over the world,not only the resellers but also the consumers.

Our product include:fm transmitters,antennas,powersupplys and PCB and radio and such kind of fm transmitter accessories.

With 5 years experience in fm transmitter,we are very professional.We dedicated in supplying the best quality products with competive prices and excellent customer sevice!If you have any question about fm trnamfitter and No matter you would buy our fm transmitter or not, please feel free to tell us your questions,we are very willing to help you and serve you!

So Don’t Buy Any FM Transmitter Until You’ve Seen Fmuser FM Transmitter.

Transmit any audio format to any standard FM receiver

Do you wanna to build your own Radio station ? Buy our FM transmitter , Just plug it , easy build your own FM radio Sation to transmit any audio you like ,then you are on the air! After you know our FM transmitter , you will be just as excited as I am! We have been selling this item for 5 years. It been sold very well. So I know it and its market. This is a very special and rare product. Many people need it, but they can’t find it. Because they are only several people sell this kind product in the world. We have FM transmitter clients all over the world, not only the reseller but also the consumers. However, many people do really need it. They are also many people who do not know this product. They do not know what it is and what it can use for. But after they know this product and its function, they will be very interested in it and desire to own one. Anyone who see my product and who know this product would like to buy. I have an India customer who bought our FM transmitter. He is so happy and told me that one of his dreams is to build a small radio station and now his dream has came true!

Transmit any audio format to any standard FM receiver


You can use it anywhere anytime for any reason. Your entire home,in your back yard.Christmas light displays, at your work,by your pool, fitness centers,in your car, on your deck or pation,correctional facilities , on your boat , while relaxing in a hot tub, universities, while camping , in your garage, churches, with an outdoor theater, for school announcements, fundraisers& walk-A-thons, neighborhood block parties , while on vaction, as you travel for work. and so on…

bullet Mobile audio Jukebox Transmit your audio from your notebook computer or MP3 player to your car’s FM receiver or any FM radio.
bullet Personal FM radio station for your party Transmit any audio format from your home computer, iPod or any MP3 player to all FM radios in your home, you pick the commercial-free play-list and PAY NO MONTHLY FEES.
bullet MP3/MP4 Player Listen to your MP3/MP4 player audio through any FM radio receiver throughout your home, office or car.
bullet Customized audio for your office or business Transmit your favorite audio or internet streaming audio throughout your office for you and your co-workers.
bullet Satellite RadioTransmit any audio from your satellite radio receiver to your to all FM receivers within your home or office.
bullet Home Theater audioTransmit any audio from your computer or DVD player to all FM receivers within range. (*special cable converter adapter may be required to connect to RCA jacks, sold separately)
bullet Wireless P.A. Transmit live voice or prerecorded audio to all FM receivers within range. Perfect for indoor/outdoor tours, real estate promotions, business promotion, church translation services, live auction, etc….
bullet Internet radio Transmit your favorite internet streaming radio station to your personal FM radio receiver or FM headset.
bullet Business / Real estate talking sign Promote your home listing or business to potential clients who drive by. Use voice or any pre-recorded message when connected to standard audio player or MP3 player.
bullet Transmit play by play audio at sporting event transmit play by play to all in attendance; all attendees only need standard FM radio receiver to hear the audio.
bullet Transmit play by play audio at sporting event transmit play by play to all in attendance; all attendees only need standard FM radio receiver to hear the audio.
bullet Plus many more applications….

Compatible with : iPod, MP3 player, satellite radio, CD player, PDA, DVD player, PC/MAC, Desktop/Notebook computer, TV and more..

Easy for setup .I know most people are unwilling or unable to build their own FM transmitter, because for most it can eat up hours of your time .But in the end, not sure it will work right after assembling.People all like simple use the simple prodcuts. So you should buy our FM transmitter, you do not need time of building a FM transmitter and do not have to wonder if it will work right. The FM transmitter is very easy to set up.  not as complecated as you image. This is a kit, just plug it , do not need buy any thing. even if our neighbor 72-year-old grandmother can easy use it.People can free sharing of their music away from the cable in a certain space. And it is very easy to use, just as simple as connect DVD to the TV. Simple set up your radio sation within 10 minutes!

Use it global
You can use the FM transmitter anywhere in the world because of the 110V -220V AC power adapter. And the frequency is 76-108 Mhz, it cover all the public frequency of FM radio, even in Japan!

Simple, Reliable Antenna.
You not need any electronic knowledge for installing the antenna, just plug it in and work well.

Stereo signal
The transmitter not only has a great transmission distance but also broadcasts in FM stereo.

All in one package
Everything you need include in the package.


Use PLL technology
You may do not know what PLL technology is .Some FM transmitters do not have PLL technology, so the signal will drift while transmitting. Our FM transmitter has PLL technology, if you pick 99.1 Mhz as your frequency, PLL will keep you on that frequency regardless of the environment.

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