What’s the advantage of Digital FM Transmitter?

Digital FM Transmitter has the following outstanding technical advantages compare to the Analog FM Transmitter:

1. Improve the quality of sound: it uses Digital Signal Process (DSP) technology, the sound quality is like CD.

2. Improve the reliability of transmitter: it uses large-scale integration circuit as main components. (Less components parts and high reliability of LSI), it’s instead of multiple discrete parts in Analog FM Transmitter, the quality and reliability has greatly improved.

3. The function is flexible of FM Transmitter: it uses wireless radio software technology, so factory can produce different function of FM Transmitters with the same Hardware. It’s very convenient for production and upgrade

4. It can realize accurate remote control; monitoring and fault diagnosis: because of all Hardware function change into Software, so the Transmitter LCD screen can display many status parameters which can not display in Analog Transmitter. Also these status parameters can be monitored by (RS232/RS485/CAN/TCPIP) Remote control system.

5. It can realize Automatic Switch of Double-Audio signal input: It can input both Analog & Digital Audio Signal to the Digital FM Transmitter when radio station needs high reliability environment. It no needs external audio switcher, because it has internal automatic audio switcher for digital audio input signal.

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