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FMUSER-CZH-CZE-SDA-15B 15W Manual &Software Download

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  1. Tara Christie 2013/04/06 at 21:52:37


    I have been trying to get my SDA-15B transmitter working again and wanted to get a digital copy of the manual. It says that the watts are zero.



    • admin 2013/04/08 at 04:22:10

      hello friend
      which antenna do u use?
      I think there is something wrong with antenna .

  2. Mike 2014/03/04 at 00:29:20

    could yo please tell me where I can download PC Control software and driver for for the CZH SDA15B FM Transmitter

    • admin 2014/03/06 at 03:48:44

      Hello Mike
      I will send the software to your email .
      Best Regards

  3. Fernando 2014/03/18 at 01:30:40

    Hello, please send software of control for CZE-15B, my O.S is Windows 7 64bits. The software work with O.S of 64bits? Thanks.

    • admin 2014/03/18 at 06:29:08

      Hello friend

      ok.I will send the software to email .

      Best Regards

  4. sebastien 2014/03/21 at 15:57:41


    i just received the cze-15b which is great thank you !

    i would like to know where can i download the pc control software please ?

    thanks, it s perfect for me to start my radio station, hope it will last long time.

    • admin 2014/03/24 at 02:32:09

      hi friend
      I sent the software and manual to your email .my email is

      Best Regards

  5. 0412028610 2014/03/27 at 17:29:06

    Have been trying to download the control software and manual for my CZE15B but the links don’t work, can you email me a copy please.

    • admin 2014/03/31 at 06:37:58

      hello friend,
      the download problem has been fixed,
      you could try it again
      and if it still doesn’t work
      I will send to your E-mail

  6. ILYA 2014/03/31 at 13:47:48

    Hello. I don’t see any software for sda 15b transmitter. Drivers, manuals only.

  7. Erik hansen 2014/05/14 at 23:19:13

    i need the software for pc control for SDA-15B transmitter.

  8. MIRKO 2014/05/16 at 19:50:17

    hello Lanyue
    pay, $ 243 transacción: paypal
    purchase of:
    Product Name: FU-FMUSER 0W-15W PREMIUM 15B Professional PC Control FM Transmitter + car sucker antenna + power supply + audio cable.
    please send to: USA
    addres my fried Ricardo
    test, FU-15B.
    in future, include audio input MPX. (engineers report)
    Thank you.
    please to send, inform tracking number

    • admin 2014/05/19 at 02:30:18

      Hello Mirko

      Thank you for your payment .I will ship it today by DHL.
      Best Regards

  9. Frank 2016/03/03 at 14:56:45

    I have an Premium SDA-15B. It’s working alright, but the PC-control doesn’t work in Windows 10. It doesn’t connect to the 15B-device. It doesn’t work when I make it compatible with Windows XP or Windows 7. What do I do wrong. Is there an software-update availabel or maybee there is an alternative?

  10. Frank 2016/03/05 at 10:07:30

    I try to install the PC-control-software from your site, but it doesn’t connect with my Premium sda-15B. I run Windows 10 on my PC. Where can I download a working version of the PC controle?
    Greetz Frank

    • admin 2016/03/07 at 02:46:46

      Hello Frank
      window 7 is better.


  11. FM ok 2016/03/21 at 17:56:46

    Hi, got a brand new CZE-15B and have some questions about it, can you help me here ? Thanks in advance

  12. rick shirk 2016/10/25 at 12:02:24

    I am in need of pc software for my fu-15b an you please send to me i have tried to get it installed with no luck on a 64 bit windows pc.

    • admin 2016/10/27 at 01:39:37

      Hello friend
      Could you send your email to me I will send the software to your email.

  13. ance 2017/01/08 at 11:16:59

    can you please tell where would i get the pc control software for CZH CZE 15B 15W FM transmitter which would support in windows xp

  14. Kyal 2017/02/02 at 12:11:31

    Hi! I just purchased a CZE 15b and was wondering where I could get the PC software download and set up.. THanks!!

  15. Philip 2017/11/30 at 10:01:33

    Hi, I cannot get my CZE-15B to work with the PC control software.
    Can you please send me another, known working copy of the software as well as detailed instructions on how to get it to work with PC control to my mail adress?


  16. dogan 2018/04/01 at 01:52:01

    hello you 300w fm tiranmiter
    I’m having trouble downloading the software
    start broadcasting soon
    Can you send 300wolt software Please

  17. Peter Ott 2018/12/14 at 08:34:52

    To whom it may concern

    I use two CZE-15B Transmitter and I am really satisfied with them. Good Transmitters, stabil and realiable.
    But now I would like to connect a RDS-Encoder to these Transmitters. The RDS should be available in Stereo mode (mono of course would be easy; just mix it with the Audio source). How is it possible to connnect a RDS-Encoder to the CZE-15B operated in Stereo?
    Your answer would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards


    • admin 2018/12/14 at 08:54:33

      Hello Peter,

      Sorry .The power over 30w can connect to the RDS encoder.