ZP320 Genuine Laser engraving machine Bamboo handicraft engraving mill engraver

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ZP320 Genuine Laser engraving machine Bamboo handicraft engraving mill engraver









Optional USB interface output, the use is more flexible, convenient!







1. Advanced positioning system, only need once positioning.
2. The machine design is reasonable, strong and durable.
3. High-quality ignition coil, laser tube can be used longer.
4. Laser power is antistatic so it can be used in various places.

5. The software has strong compatibility, can save thousands of fonts and photos.


*seal layout: You can create any type of seal, common seal and provides templates for beginners can be very easy to operate;

*plate Application: carton printing rubber plate layout, text and other graphic images of typesetting;

*a mixture of a variety of text layout support: English, Chinese, Manchu / Mongolian, Uygur, Arabic, Korean (South Korea), Japanese, etc., as long as the input method to support, comes with full / Mongolian input;

*support the vast majority of laser engraving machine, and can be custom manufacturer-specific versions;

*support for parallel (LPT) output, you can back out, while typesetting; elect mounted USB port, you can direct output, the operation is very convenient and simple!

* built-EAN13 / 8 barcode typesetting;

* profile output: you can calculate a variety of text, image contours;

* can be applied directly BMP, JPG, WMF, EMF, PLT and other image file layout;


Performance parameters

Size: 800*500*250mm
Max engraving size: 300*200mm
Engraving size: 200*100mm
Precision: 0.025mm
Communication interface: Special interface or standard parallel interface
Power supply: AC220V 50
Laser cooling: water cooled
Smoke vent: back side
Software: Moshi software with dongle

Engraving speed 10-400mm / S
Resolution (mm) 0.01
Operating temperature: 1~45 celsius

Weight: 32KG



Engrave materials:

1. It is mainly used for wood, leather, paper, cloth, plexiglass panels, color engraving on cutting board
2. Non-metallic materials, seals, such as: Indian horn, wood, India, Indian red plastic, glass and India, atomic India, Indian crystal, jade and India.
3.This Chapter laser engraved machine (computer carved Chapter machine) in a small area of the craft process, in color plates, wood, bamboo, organic glass plates, engraved on the cloth variety of graphics and text.
4. Can be carved in the electronic component name, type, logos, designs, etc., very permanent.
5. Can be carved glass, ceramic and so on.

Not: NO direct metal sculpture, but the film can be added after the chemical corrosion of the metal sculpture


Engraving samples:




Package Inlcude:

ZP320 laser evgraver,Exhaust fan, water pump, software CD, dongle, data lines, power lines, pipe


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