VHF-FM Broadcast 88 – 108 Filters

VHF-FM Broadcast 88 – 108 Filters

The VHF-FM filter is a classical 3 pole filter designed to substantially reduce signals from the FM broadcast band by a minimum of –25 dB and a maximum of –50dB. Loss at 116 MHz is only –3dB, dropping rapidly from there to only -1.7 dB at 120 MHz.

VHF-FM Specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD): 2 X 2 X 2
Passband: DC to 1GHz
Max notch depth: -50dB
Min notch depth: -25dB
Typical -3dB BW: 81MHz and 116MHz
Standard Connector: M/F gold/Teflon BNC
Connector Options: F/F SMA F/F type N for $10
DC Passive: Yes
Housing: Brass


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