Quarter-wavelength GP Antennal

FM Radio Transmitter GP Antenna — Quarter-wavelength GP antennal
FM Radio Transmitter GP Antenna FM Radio Transmitter GP Antenna FM Radio Transmitter GP Antenna
Specification:This is a wonderful FM Transmitter Antennae,the length of antennae can be adjust according to the Frequency you set!Frequency range: 85MHz ~ 150 MHzQuarter-wavelength GP antenna introduceIn the Radio Amateurs, Quarter-wavelength antenna can be seen as a simple but effective antenna. So in radio circles It accounts for a considerable proportion,For instance, Most of the police antenna is a quarter-wavelength antenna and so on. So Quarter-wavelength antenna has it’s reason to exist Absolutely.. If you do not know the high-frequency electronic, You may ask what is a quarter wavelength. In a word,It is Antenna Length Unit,it is based on frequency, here is the formula :Antenna length (Wavelength)=( 30000 /frequency)*1/4 * 0.96(Wavelength Shortening rate) cm—- attention:Antenna Length Unit is cm 

For exampl.If you want to make a antenna for 100.00MHZ
Antenna length=(30000 / 100.00MHZ) * 0.25 * 0.96 = 72cm

so we get the length of the antenna is 72cm then we prepare five 72 cm of Drawbars antenna and a M type Joints(figure), then link one of the Drawbars antenna to the main Spindle of the M type Joints, at last link the other four to the corner of the M type Joints(figure)

FM Radio Transmitter GP Antenna

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