PureFM-980P transmitter /farthest trantmit 800m /free shipping

The following is the contents of the product PureFM-980P

(This product is PureFM-880P improved model. Increase in high -quality stereo transmitter function, using more general MINI-USB-5P data cable, look more beautiful. Suitable driving school teaching, or long-distance car MP3 transmitter used.




The main parameters:
1, the host size: about 85 * 45 * 13 mm
2, Weight: about 34 g (without batteries), about 52 g(including battery)
3, the operating frequency: 76 ~ 108MHz
4, step frequency: 100 KHz/1MHz (Standard / Express)
5 Power supply: BL-4C lithium battery, 3.8V
6, transmit power: 150 mW (1) / 500 mW (2) / 800 mW (grade 3), + /-2dB
7, life time: 6 hours (1) / 4 hours (2) / 2 hours (3), + / -0.5 hours
Test conditions: standard Nokia BL-4C battery, 860MAH capacity
8, the role of distance: 300 meters (1) / 600 m (2) / 800 m (3)
Test conditions: open to viewing distance, Desheng PL-600 radio receiver
9, volume control: 8,-15dB ~ +12 dB
10, volume attenuation: Mono: 0dB stereo:-10dB
11, frequency stability: 15PPM, the PLL frequency synthesizer
12, Audio Response: 30Hz ~ 15 KHz, pre-emphasis 75uS, Stereo Separation: 40dB
13, charge time: about 5 hours, charging voltage 5V, MINI-USB-5PIN
14, Display: LCD screen, a blue LED backlight
15, data retention: frequency / volume / power / stereo / mute user parameters are stored in the built- EEDATA, will not remove the battery while the battery is dead or missing.

Caution: (boot the machine into normal operation after 3 seconds)

1, using the microphone: Be sure to turn off the stereo mode, otherwise the volume is small does not work. Microphone plug must be inserted in place; otherwise it will not have sound. Try to use the machine configuration microphone, try to use a little better quality when using other microphone. Do not use a microphone wire length of less than 50 cm (wire antenna doubles), otherwise very close.

2, the transmitted audio signal : the transmitter when other audio signals such as MP3 / computer / TV audio and other signals must turn on the stereo mode to match the volume attenuation , distortion otherwise great . Use a length greater than 50 cm stereo audio cable to connect the transmitter and the device and adjust the volume of the receiving device the best sound quality . To increase the transmission distance , should be allowed to adopt a longer audio cable stretched away from metal objects.

3, on the launch distance : Test conditions for unobstructed open to receiving Desheng PL-600 radio, radio antenna all the way out , microphone leads naturally stretch , able to receive the most distant sound. Due to the actual use of the environment and radio performance may differ from the actual effect is quite different . Doubles as a transmitting antenna wire due to the use of the microphone , so try to stretch out to enhance the emission effects.

4 , Volume Adjustment : Volume control is the key to the operation. Excessive sound will sound distorted or appear very hoarse howling , the volume is too small receiving end sound weak or unclear . First person to determine the distance of the mouth and the microphone as close to the same person and the mouth , and then adjust the volume. If the microphone and mouth from people changing the microphone volume to re- adjust the receiving end sound clarity. Recommendations about the microphone volume 5 launch and close the stereo mode. Signal should be emitted MP3 stereo mode reasonable adjustments , such as using the device and transmitter receives the sound volume to make the most clear.

5, on the transmit power : For PureFM-980P transmitter , since the transmission power is large, especially in the case of three transmit power , the host will be able to feel the heat a few minutes after use , this is normal , do not worry. Host shell maximum temperature and the temperature difference between the ambient temperature does not exceed 10 degrees. Due to the large transmit power, should avoid opening the absence of a microphone plugged host to avoid black. High-power radio transmitter distance should be greater than five meters away from the radio to avoid damage. Distance should be enough for the case of small files using power transmission to extend battery life.

Package including:

1 * machine
1 *clip mic
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Car Charger
1 * Audio Cable
1 * Battery
1 * specification

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9 Responses

  1. LeviDDileo 2016/05/31 at 07:43:13

    excellent unit that work great

  2. Wevhave successfully used a couple of your 980 P transmitters, and for a special application we would need a couple of samples ranging up to 111 mHz.
    Is this possible ? If not could it be OK to get to that frequency range on one of your other small transmitters ?
    Thank you for an early answer
    Peter Eppendahl

    • admin 2017/07/07 at 08:14:41

      The frequency from 76-108mhz.

  3. Misun 2017/12/20 at 09:18:11

    I want to buy one or two transmitter(PureFM-980P transmitter /farthest trantmit 800m /free shipping). Does one transmitter cost 75 dollars? And do 2 transmitters cost 145 dollars?

    When I click the 2 pcs and try to pay for it, the whole price becomes 290 dollars, not 145 dollars. What’s wrong with this? Or do 2 transmitter cost 290 dollars??

    I need your answer ASAP.

    • admin 2017/12/21 at 04:01:14

      Hello friend,
      The 980p is out of stock .How about we ship CZE-T200 to you ?

      • Andrea Euliltz 2018/11/14 at 09:26:31

        Thank you!
        could you tell me more about your proposition? Where is the difference to the other product.
        I know the other, because I already worked with it and I was very satisfied. It is a pitty that it does not exist any more.
        Thank you for all information concerning your proposition!
        Sr. Andrea

        • admin 2018/11/21 at 07:22:07

          Hello Andrea Euliltz

          We also have T200 mini fm transmitter for choose.
          Welcome to have an order.

  4. Andrea Euliltz 2018/11/14 at 09:24:16

    I want to know more about this product.
    Could you tell me if it is still available? How much does it cost? How is it about the transport (cost, during)?
    We are interessted by 3 machines.
    Thanks a lot for your information!
    Sr. Andrea
    Chemin Neuf Community
    Berlin – Germany

  5. Steven Sorrels 2022/04/29 at 01:52:05

    I would like to know where I can purchase these units and what is the price per unit?
    Thank you,