Note when the Zener diode

Zener diode is widely used, use very much. Looks very simple, but if you do not pay attention, are also vulnerable to damage. The following are a few notes when the selection:

Zener diode in series, but due to the discrete nature of the diode parameters is relatively large, shall not be used in parallel.

The greater impact of temperature on the characteristics of the semiconductor device, when the ambient temperature exceeds 50 ° C, the temperature is increased by 1 ° C should be the maximum power dissipation reduced by 1%.

Zener diode pin must be more than 5mm away from the shell and tube at the weld, it is best to use a power less than 30W soldering iron. 40 ~ 75W electric iron welding, soldering time should not exceed 8 ~ 10s. To make use of the built-in solder, solder wire welding, do not use a large piece of welding Xijia Song Hong approach.

In order to make the temperature coefficient of Zener diode voltage to be compensated Zener diode silicon diode (silicon voltage regulator diodes) can be used in tandem, the forward diode string may not exceed three tubes in series with special temperature compensation to use.

Order to obtain low and stable voltage, you can select the appropriate Zener diode in series with the opposite polarity, coupled with the appropriate current. About to the positive use of the Zener diode.

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