In order to launch sound or TV broadcasting in accordance with the Radio and Television Law

(please see http://www.likumi.lv/doc.php?mode=DOC&id=36673 )

and Cabinet of Ministers Regulations   No 453 On permits regarding allocation of radio frequency

(please see http://www.esd.lv/html/453%20noteikumi.doc )

the following documents should be submitted to the Electronic Communications Office (ECO):

1. Application letter;
2. The tender award certificate issued by the National Radio and Television Council;
3. The company’s registration certificate;
4. The company’s articles of incorporation;
5. Filed-out application form (the form is available at the ECO Office or ECO web site).

Experts from the ECO will perform electromagnetic examination of the location of broadcasting, select an appropriate broadcasting frequency of a TV Channel that will be harmonised with the Frequency Administrations of the neighbouring countries.

As soon as the harmonisation of the frequency or TV Channel is completed, ECO will issue the Radio Equipment Installation Permit.

As the next step the broadcasting company shall purchase a certified transmitter and an appropriate aerial and mount them at the location of broadcasting. The broadcasting Company should settle payments (according to the Cabinet of Ministry Regulations No 649, 25 September 2007) in accordance with the ECO’s invoice for the request examination of the installation permit.

When everything is prepared and the certificate along with the other required documents is submitted, ECO performs pre-operational examination of the broadcasting location at the place of installation and it shall grant the OPERATIONAL Permit to use the assigned radio frequency. Broadcasting is allowed only after receiving the aforementioned Permit.

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