How to assemble the FM broadcast transmitter

How to assemble the FM transmitter?
The FM transmitter is very easy to assemble. But I would like to let everyone know how to assemble it.
This is all the things that will be used.
1, Install the antenna. The GP antenna is also connect like this.
3, Link the DC POWER module to the “POWER”–6.5mm POWER socket ( DC 12V(current >2A) Pay Attention to the power polar : inside positive; outside negative);
4, Connect the AC adapter to the transmitter
5, Connect the AC adapter to the power source
6, Link the audio source to the “Audio”   –3.5MM Stereo socket;
7, Turn on the FM transmitter, the frequency is the one of last power off;
8, Turn the radio on, and modulate the frequency at 98Mhz.Then you can hear the voices.
* Connect antenna first before connecting transmitter to DC supply, otherwise, transmitter will be burned out.

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