FUTV3627 10Watt Digital MMDS Broadband Transmitter used in broadcasting system 2500MHz-2700MHz


FUTV3627(10W) Digital MMDS Broadband Transmitter (Indoor Model)


R: V20151109-17-32
Data sheet

Product Overview

FMUSER FUTV3627 Digital MMDS (Multichannel Microwave Distribution System) Transmitter can support single-channel or multi-channel broadband transmission.

Single-channel transmission often requires a microwave power combiner to compound single-channel microwaves and send it to the antenna through waveguide. In this way, it can enhance the microwave power and reach a long distance.

However, Multichannel-channel broadband transmission requires no power combiner but connect the IF source to transmitter through a mixer. After frequency conversion, filtering and amplification process, it sends the signal to the antenna through waveguide. In this way, microwave power is low and the transmission distance is short.

This MMDS transmitter can provide a signal channel with maximum 200MHz broadband. It has a low local oscillator phase noise to make it possible to be applied both in analog and digital transmission. Advanced super linear amplification technology is adopted to boost the transmitting power and reduce the non-linear distortion and overall consumption at the same time.

Also, AGC function can sustain a constant power output, and the circulator can provide VSWR protection. All these features make FUTV3627 widely used in broadcasting system.

Key features

·low local oscillator phase noise, available for both analog and digital transmission

·Low power consumption and super linear design to improve the transmission power, and reduce the nonlinear distortion

·Support AGC function with sustained power output to allow the transmitter a good stability and reliability

·Full digital front panel control, easy operation.

·LCD window displaying output power, digital attenuator status, AGC/MGC working status and voltage.

·Easy to install, elegant appearance



Technical Specifications

Basic Parameters

Working frequency band


In-band Flatness


In-band Intermodulation


Clutter suppression


harmonic suppression


Local oscillator phase noise

≤-90at10KHz dBc/Hz

Local oscillator carrier deviation


IF Range


Input Level




N type


50 Ohm

Output power


MW Output impedance

50 Ohm


Output interface

N type

Working temperature


Relatively humidity

C no

Environment condition

Cooling mode

inside cooling fan

power supply

AC, 220V±10%/50Hz

Machine room requirement

less dust, no shake



Appearance and Illustration




Principle Chart

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