FMUSER FU-30A Amplifier 30w fm transmitter +SDA-01A 1W exciter+PS+GP antenna KIT

30W PC Control FM Transmitter: FU-30A 30W FM power amplifier

+ PC Control FM exicter + GP100 1/4 wave GP antenna with cable connectors

+ power adapter system kit


FU-30A Amplifier




227GP Antenna

a12V 7A Power supply


short rubber antenna

Rubber ducky antenna.jpg

30W FM amplifier transmitter can be plug to the 0.2W~0.5W FM exciter to increase the output power to 30W. The broadcast range will be 15Km. It is very easy to use, just plug and 
play. You do not need to buy any other things, all your needed will included in the super gift packages ! The 1W PC Control FM exciter can adjust from 0~1W , when connect to the 
amplifier, please must adjust the power to 0.2W !!! 

Operating frequency: 85Mhz ~ 110Mhz
Input power: min: 0.2W  max: 0.5W
Output power:> 30W
Harmonic Suppression:>-60DB
Rated voltage: DC12V max: DC12.8V
Operating Current: 5.5A
Input impedance: 50 Ohm
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Job Type: C Class
Temperature: -20 ~ 40 degrees Celsius
Package include:
*1*FU30A 30W Amplifier
*1*12V7A Power supply           
*  0~1W SDA-01A PC Control FM exciter (When connect to the amplifier, must adjust the power to 0.2W ! )        
*  1/4 wave anti-rain Antenna with 8M cable with connectors   
*  BNC to SMA cable & audio cable & USB cable to connect to the computer
* Short mini rubber antenna for SDA-01A 1W FM Transmitter
If you have any question ,pls feel free to contact me :[email protected]   skype:lanyue99991


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  1. BANDA MORGAN 2015/09/17 at 06:11:40

    THANK YOU FOR THE MESSAGE,I DON’T UNDERSTAND ON 1pcs sample($319) and 2pcs ($309)

    AND THE OTHER QUESTION IS HOW MANY MILES DOES A FMUSER FU-30A Amplifier 30w fm transmitter +SDA-01A 1W exciter+PS+GP antenna KIT TRASMIT

    • admin 2015/09/18 at 06:46:20

      hello friend
      1pcs sample($319)
      2pcs ($309) *2=$618