FMUSER 1000w FM Radio Station Equipment Package list Popular in Africa

1000w FM Radio Station Equipment Package list Popular in Africa

If you’re new to radio station, it can be hard to know every single piece of gear and understand how it fits into the air-chain. Here’s a catalog of equipments you could build an ecomic radio station. This comprehensive list should be useful to new engineers, or it guys starting to work in a broadcast environment.

In the rack room…

The Rack Room (also: Equipment Room, Master Control, Data Centre, etc.) is my favourite room in a radio station. This is where most equipment lives. It’s an exciting place.


The most common piece of equipment in any radio station is by far the computer. These come in many shapes and sizes, and can perform a whole range of broadcast functions. They have become popular, in part, because they are commoditised (and thus much cheaper than broadcast-specific boxes).

Broadcast Audio Processor

The Audio Processor is usually the last piece of equipment used before your audio is transmitted. Broadcast audio processors contain speciality multi band compressor/limiters, but also have a lot of “magic” features to give your station that competitive edge. Most stations want to be the loudest, and the big Audio Processor manufacturers all claim to be the loudest and clearest.

RDS Encoder



FMUSER RDS-A Encoder is well suited for most regional, local, RSL, LPFM and other medium- and small-coverage radio stations which use Ethernet for dynamic RDS data distribution. Built-in Ethernet controller supports multiple TCP/UDP ports, internet functions and remote monitoring .

FMUSER RDS-A Encoder have Fully DSP concept and effective design ensures high reliability, excellent signal characteristics and gives the user many advanced features while maintaining low acquisition costs.

RDS (Radio Data System) is a way of sending ASCII text and other metadata to compatible radio receivers. It encodes a 1187.5Bps data stream onto the 57Khz subcarrier (third harmonic of the 19Khz FM Stereo Pilot signal). Stations use RDS to encode the station name, song data, program guide and traffic information.

RDS Encoders are sometimes built into your FM Audio Processor. If you have an external RDS Encoder, it needs to be connected into the SCA input on your Stereo Generator or Processor.

Order link:https://www.czhfmtransmitter.com/products/fmuser-rds-a-fm-broadcast-rds-encoder-dsp-concept-and-effective-design/9364

Phone Hybrid

If you want to take phone calls on-air, you need a Phone Hybrid. In simple terms, a Hybrid is an interface to connect two-wire phone lines into input and output XLRs. These XLR connectors are plugged into an audio console or I/O node. Many hybrids also contain echo cancellation and an automatic equaliser.

Hybrids often connect to a Talkback system and PABX, for easy control by announcers.

At the transmitter site…

Studio Transmitter Link

STL Transmitter + Receiver + Two Yagi Antenna + 20meters SYV-50-5 Cable + connectors

FMUSER STL10 Studio to Transmitter Link for FM Radio Station Yagi Antenna 20m SYV-50-5 Cable

Background Information: A studio-transmitter link (or STL) sends a radio stations or television station’s audio and video from the broadcast studio to a radio transmitter or television transmitter in another location.This is often necessary because the best locations for an antenna are on top of a mountain, where a much shorter tower is required, but where a studio is completely impractical. Even in flat regions, the center of the station’s allowed coverage area may not be near the studio location or within a populated area where a transmitter would be frowned upon by the community, so the antenna must be placed several miles or kilometers away.Depending on the locations that must be connected, a station may choose either a point to point (PTP) link on another special radio frequency, or a newer all-digital wired link via a dedicated T1 or E1 (or larger-capacity) line. Radio links can also be digital, or the older analog type, or a hybrid of the two. Even on older all-analog systems, multiple audio and data channels can be sent using subcarriers.STL10 Studio to Transmitter Link / Inter-city Relay is VHF / UHF FM communications system providing a high quality broadcast audio channel with variety optional bands. These systems offer greater rejection of interference, superior noise performance, much lowers channel cross-talk, and greater redundancy than currently available composite STL systems. Features*Synthesized from 220 to 260MHz, 300 to 320MHz, 320 to 340MHz,400 to 420MHz and 450 to 490MHz
*The transmitted and received frequency can be easily set by digital front panel
*Suitable for digital audio. The subsonic over modulation and the low frequency phase distortion are controlled by a feedback circuit in order to exalt the audio quality of the latest digital systems.
*Low THD distortion: the THD value with stereo or mono demodulated and deemphasized signals is negligible.
*Flat frequency response: due to the latest generation technology and the components precision the flatness of frequency response is absolute.

Order link:https://www.czhfmtransmitter.com/products/stl-studio/fmuser-stl-studio-to-transmitter-link-for-fm-radio-station/3869

One 1000W FM Transmitter for Radio Station

The 1000w FM transmitter takes the FM Stereo Baseband signal (from your Stereo Generator, perhaps via the Composite Switcher), modulates it on your licensed frequency.

 General features:
* Professional stereo sound with excellent separation
* Standard 19″ 2H rack, clean design and high quality
* Low distortion and good Signal/Noise ratio
* Built-in CPU system for controlling and monitoring
* Advanced TEMP and SWR  protection
* Frequency range: 87.5-108 MHz, 10 KHz/Step
* RF output impedance: 50 Ω
* RF output connector: N type -female
* Audio input connector: XLR-female
* MPX and AUX input connector: BNC-female
* Pre-emphasis: 0 / 50 / 75 us
* Mains power supply requirements: 90~264VAC;127~370VDC
* Operating temperature range: -10 to 45 ℃
* Weight: 10 Kg
Order link :https://www.czhfmtransmitter.com/products/fm-transmitter/fsn-1000t-1000w-1kw-fm-transmitter-radio-broadcast-with-touch-screen-aux-cover-20-30km-radio-station/8832
One Dipole Antenna
Electrical specification:
* Frequency Range: 87.5Mhz-108Mhz
* Impedance:50ohm
* Connector:NK
* VSWR:<1.35:1 MAX
* Polarization:Vertical
* Dimensions:1400*900*50mm
* Weight:4kg with hardware mounting
* Gain:2.0dB
* Max handle power:1KW
Order link:https://www.czhfmtransmitter.com/products/fmuser-12-wave-professional-dv2-high-gain-outdoor-antnena-50m-12-50-12-cable/8283
One 30M Coaxial Cable * 50-12 30meters N-J-SL16-J feeder cable
In the studio…  

One 8-way Mixer

Two Monitor Headphone
FU44 Monitor headphone
* Wear mode: wearing ear
* Headphones Type: Wired
* Whether the microphone: No
* Headset service: Genius
* Frequency response 18-20000Hz
* impedance of 32 Ohms
* SPL 115 dB SPL / V
* harmonic distortion: <1%, maximum
* input power of 200mW
* leather earmuffs, automatic adjustableand comfortable headset
* lightweight form factor
* Back retractable headphones
* excellent cost performance

Two Monitor Speaker
Monitor Speakers FMUSER H-111
* Bass is 4 inch magnetic steel tape
* 1-inch tweeter with magnetic
* Power 50w
* Peak power 70w
* Physical divider
* Treble ndependent regulation
* Bass independentregulation
* All wooden box 9mm thick planks
* Rated voltage 220v or 110V
One Audio Processor – FMUSER FU2600


* Reference-Class 2-Channel Expander/Gate/Compressor/Peak Limiter with Integrated Dynamic Enhancer, De-Esser and Low Contour Filter
* Switchable IKA (Interactive Knee Adaptation) program-adaptive compression circuitry combines the advantages of hard-knee and soft-knee characteristics
* Adjustable dynamic Enhancer with level meter for brilliant, lively audio even with heavy compression
* IGC (Interactive Gain Control) peak limiting circuitry combines clipper and program limiter for reliable and inaudible protection against signal peaks
* Switchable De-esser removes excessive sibilance from your vocal tracks
* IRC (Interactive Ratio Control) expander/gate circuitry for virtually inaudible noise suppression
* Automatically or manually adjustable attack and release times
Two Microphone

* Product Name: FMUSER FU-350
* Brand: FMUSER
* Tuner Type: Dynamic
* Wireless: Wired
* Channel: 1
* Pointing characteristics: Cardioid
Two Microphone Arm

* Four external springs
* Cantilever fastening knob
* Upper two tubes, the lower three tubes, increase stability
* Can be used for horizontal and vertical installation
* Hollow stent may be passing through the cable from the boom
* Chassis Mount Standard accessories
Two BOP cover

* Large double filter
* Broadcast Recording
* Microphone BOP cover

On Air Light

Studio ON AIR ! Live broadcast Light sign warning board Warm Tip Board

Order link :https://www.czhfmtransmitter.com/products/led-studio-on-air-live-broadcast-light-sign-warning-board-warm-tip-board-notice-board-in-network-celebrity/9140

Playout & Automation Software

The computer system that plays back music, spots (ads, promos, etc.) and sweepers (the little voice-overs played between songs) is called a Playout System or Automation Software. These are specially designed computer programs that allow for continuous playback of audio, with a lot of granular control for Announcers and Programme Directors.

At the heart of any Automation System is the “log”. This is a sequential list of all audio files and commands that need to be played at certain times. All music played on a commercial radio station will be pre-programmed by the Music Director and loaded into the log. A separate person will often load all advertisements into the same log.

Most automation systems also contain a music database, hot keys (to play ad-hoc audio), an audio editor, segue editor (to change the mix between different elements), interfaces for website and RDS data, and a lot more.


* The ability to play, stop or otherwise manipulate media items corresponding to the time position allows precise control of time and delay with little delay. In manual operation, it often means that the broadcast system will be instantaneous or at least executable to execute a predetermined command. For example, play a list of ads right away.
* Ability to play multiple preset audio program tickets at the same time, there is no time gap between the two.
* Fully automatic operation, usually including comprehensive scheduling of media items to be played.
* Quickly retrieve and access locally stored electronic media files or computer network source media.
* Tightly coupled media transfer control system that allows for fast control and flexible manipulation of media item playback (speed, pitch, rhythm, keys, orientation, level, etc.).
* Segmentation and conversion (audio and video) between media items can be controlled/configured, and the system can have professional “tight” output.
* High control over the characteristics and specifications of the output, usually independent of the source media. Audio (level, compression, adjustment, etc.) and video (system, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.) are adjustable and maintainable regardless of the format or characteristics of the source media currently being played.
* Audio/video overlay, decoration, title, super, watermark, can be seamlessly blended into the output.
* Supports control interface, which can be programmed or commanded by external devices or connected to other devices.

Order link :https://www.czhfmtransmitter.com/products/czh-dj-auto-300-fm-audio-automatic-broadcast-and-management-system-workstation-for-fm-radio-station-in-air-room/9729

CD Players, DAT Machines, Mini Disk Players, and Turn Tables

While most pre-recorded audio these days is played off a computer, it’s not uncommon to find these playback devices in a studio (even just as a backup, or a way to capture old archival material). Playback of these devices is usually triggered directly from a button on the audio console.

Anywhere else…

A UPS can only last so long. To run for extended periods of time during an outage, you need a generator with a decent fuel supply. Typically a generator for a broadcast facility is permanently connected with an automatic transfer switch – this allows it to start up automatically when mains power is lost.

The generator should be connected to the input of the UPS in the event of a mains failure. This keeps power filtered, and the batteries charged. This will allow allow you to shut down the generator while you refuel (in the event of an extended outage).

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