FMUSER 0-30W+ 1/4 Wave antenna kit PLL Professional FM transmitter 87-108Mhz

FMT-30L 0-30W PLL Professional FM transmitter 87-108Mhz

1/4wave gp antenna kit



video for 30w transmitter texting







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Special features

1. 0 ~ 30W adjustable power

2. Dual microphone inputs Reverb

3. VSWR protection, and can set the start value of the standing wave protection.

4. over-temperature protection, and can set the start value over temperature protection.

5. controlled fan forced cooling system to ensure stability while the machine can also increase the working life of the fan.

6. automatic volume control function. Input volume can be detected automatically adjusted, to ensure the best modulation.

7. four commonly used function keys. Can be quickly set the parameters of the machine.

 1. Power supply voltage: AC90V ~ 260V/50Hz/60Hz
 2. Working frequency: 87-108MHZ
 3. Frequency stabilization mode: PLL Frequency Synthesizer (PLL)
 4. Frequency Step: 0.1MHz
 5. Modulation: WFM
 6. RF power: 0 ~ 30W adjustable. Maximum 30W
 7. RF output impedance: 50Ω / Coaxial
 8. stray radiation: <-60db
 9. audio level: 15dbV
 10. Frequency response: 50 ~ 15KHz
 11. signal to noise ratio: 70db
 12. Separation: 40db
 13. ambient temperature: 0 ~ 45 ℃
 Operating Instructions
1. ensure compliance with the requirements of the antenna or radio frequency load reliably connected to the transmitter.
 2. ensure that the supply voltage within the allowable range.
 3. ensure that the air inlet and fan ventilation.
Package include:
1*FSN-30L 30w1U
1*1/4wave antenna
1*audio cable

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