Digital tuner radio

1, each button to be flexible, touch the intensity should be moderate, uniform, crisp touch sense.
2 tuner stepper, FM 0.1/0.05/0.01MHz, selectable 0.05/0.01 FM requirements can be more precise to adjust the frequency to make better reception. For MW / SW, it is best to choose the 1KHz tuning step model, so that when the adjacent radio interference, appropriate adjustments to listen to radio frequency to avoid interference. Often listen to shortwave listening friends, you can choose a double-conversion circuit models, interfere with the ability of the type of the loom anti Mirror (false signals) is better than the ordinary circuit models, in general murmur should be small, the first IF stronger than machines highest received frequency than the first intermediate frequency in the reception frequency range of the machine, the anti Mirror interference.
Number tune shortwave function, it is best to have direct input frequency, you know that the radio frequency directly using the number buttons to break in, very convenient, otherwise the transfer station is more cumbersome. The digital tune tuner radio with a tuning knob selection is more convenient.
The amount of storage, there are a few hundred to thousands of radio frequency storage, large memory capacity for often listen to the radio audience in multiple, very practical.

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