czh 618F-10KW FM Transmitter

1. Twelve Units 1KW hotplug RF power modules.Total output power is extremely stable thanks to AGC(Automatic Gain Control).

2. Ten units 2.5KVA switched power supply modules working parallel.

3. 12-way High efficiency combiner with patent technology.

4. Two All-digital 30W exciters with switcher used to drive each module directly(optional).

5. Analog and digital(AES/EBU) audio signal input directly.

6. 8-inch Color LCD with touch panel displays all the parameters in real time.

7. Five kinds of protect method by MCU, like over Pf,over SWR,over Temp,Voltage,Current.

8. Real hot-plug structure,the modules can be repairing at non-stop condition.

9. RS232/RS485 Communication interface ready for remote system.

Technical Specifications:

1. Frequency Range:                                   87.0MHz~108 MHz
2. Frequency Setting step:                           10KHz
3. Carrier Frequency precision:                   200Hz
4. Residual Wave Radiation:                       75dBc
5. Analog audio Input Impedance:               600Ω, Balance
AES/EBU digital audio input impedance: 110 Ohm, Balance
6. Separation:                                             50dB,30Hz~15KHz
7. Audio Input Level:                                  -10dBm~+10dBm, step 0.01dB
8. S/N:                                                       75dB  (1kHz, 100%modulation)
9. Audio Harmonic Distortion:                     0.1%
10. Audio response:                                    0.1dB(10Hz~15KHz)
11. Output Load Impedance:                      50Ω
12. Output Power:                                      0~10KW
13. Pre-emphasis:                                       0μS, 50μS, 75μS
14. Deviation: &plusmn:                              75kHz
15. Pilot Frequency:                                    19 kHz; 1Hz
16. RF Output Interface:                             3+1/8′
17.Size:                                                      Width(144mm),Height(1950mm),Depth(900mm)
18.Weight:                                                  550KG


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