CZH FM Transmitter Review (CZH-05B)

The CZH-05B is pretty fragile. If you plug in a mono-microphone into the mic jack, it will break your device. If you turn it on without an antenna, it will break your device. The antenna on the back does not stay upright, it will fall over on its own. The print on the device looks quite cheap; it’s easy to tell this came from some factory in china.

These setbacks aside, the device seems to run pretty good. The sound quality sounded quite nice.

There are two modes, which are toggled using the power button. The station select mode lets you set a station, and shows an icon of a speaker with a slash through it. During this time the transmitter is not transmitting. Once you set it to transmit mode, you can no longer select a station, but your audio is being transmitted. This is so that you aren’t scrolling through all the stations and destroying all of the signals.

This device lets you transmit on the non standard FM stations (e.g. stations ending in an even decimal number). Some modern radios allow you to pickup these semi-hidden stations. I believe the stations were done like this because signals would bleed out to the neighboring stations, e.g. 100.2 would pick up 100.1 and 100.3.

Warning: Make sure you check with local laws. Depending on how you use it, this thing could be illegal. Make sure you are not broadcasting over top of other stations. If anyone ever complains, stop using the device immediately. Basically; don’t be a dick.

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