CZH-10A 10w fm transmitter broadcast 99 steps 0~10W power supply 1/2 dipole antenna DP100 kit

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Power output adjustable !!! (99 steps from 0~10W)

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Description:This is a small sized transmitter broadcast, outstanding by its high and strong power output.
Widely used in campus, community, office and other places. It’s also a good choice for individuals that’s interested in FM broadcast devices.


1. Microphone Interface (3.5mm) 2. R/L line input 3.“+”  UP 4.“-”   DOWN 5. Menu(Also use as”POWER ON/OFF”and “YES” button) 6. Power Input interface 7.Antenna Interface (N base)



Operating frequency: 87~108MHz
Output power: 0~10W
Rated voltage: DC12v
Operating Current: 4A
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Temperature: -5 ~ 40 degrees Celsius

A half-wave dipole antennameans the length of this dipole antenna is equal to a half-wavelength at the frequency of operation.IMG_5567.jpgWhy do we recommend this dipole antenna?
1).The half-wave dipole is very clear and easy for frequency adjustation, there are scales on the side bar of the antenna from which you can adjust the frequency from 88~108 by 1mhz stepping.


2).The dipole is a simple antenna to construct and use, and many of the calculations are quite straightforward.



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  1. Robson Vanderlei dos Santos 2013/01/22 at 17:19:01

    Good afternoon.
    I’m from Brazil and I am interested in buying one of their transmitters.

    I wonder if you have the possibility of purchasing and shipping the product, delivery time.

    I await contact


    • admin 2013/01/23 at 02:58:09

      hello friend
      the 10w transmitter is out of stock now .could you check other models ?