Audio Cable 3.5mm to turn Lotus / 3.5 b / computer audio line in two Akihabara fever double lotus

305mm2audio line




Custom product description

Model: Akihabara 3.5 a two pairs of RCA

Diameter OD: 7MM double-shielded, OFC double-layer anti-interference of high purity oxygen-free copper wire

Connector: high-end hi-fi the gilded RCA/3.5mm plug

Outer tube protection: the protection of high-density braid

Length: 1 m  complete specifications

Product packaging: anti-static shielding bag

Product details:
Using oxygen-free copper (OFC) import terminals, soft rubber skin material, the line is soft, bending, 30M no attenuation.
Anti-interference cable structure design to maximize the shield all interference the clutter and quality multilayer constitute shielded wire material.
3 plugs with high-grade shell protection
High density shielding to prevent electromagnetic interference sound quality clearer and full, high shielding fidelity design, strong anti-interference performance, the transmission signal effect.
5, the outer layer of woven anti-Paul network to prevent a rat bite insect bites.

6, the products meet SONY (Sony) ss-259 and RHOS standard ring any material, Seiko, product tolerance to a variety of complex environmental, anti-corrosion, ideal audio and video transmission data line.

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