Tuning Step
RF Power Output
Spurious Emissions
Frequency Stability
SWR Ruggedness
RF Output Connector
Audio Input Sensitivity
Signal To Noise Ratio
Frequency Response
Stereo Separation
Audio Distortion
Audio Input Connectors
Power Input
Mounting holes
0.2 ~ 5Watt
Better than -45 dB ref to carrier
PLL Typ +/-1KHz
Withstands 30:1 mismatch
“F” type, BNC on request
0.8V rms for +/- 75 KHz
60 dBu
Flat from 20 Hz to 15 KHz
40 dB
75uS or 50uS if shipped to Europe
Better than 0.2 % THD
12Vdc Regulated 1.2A
108 x 29 mm

Modulation level , frequency , Mono/Strereo mode and other parameters are set using two buttons and LCD.
True sine wave pilot. Filtered MPX. Filtered audio .Filtered RF.Continues tuning across entire FM band


push upper button to enter antenna test mode.
push any button to exit.

push lower button to enter setup mode and to move blinking cursor.
push upper button to change values.
L2R6 =
L – fixed audio level 0 to 4
R – AGC recovery time, 0 for no recovery, 1 for fast recovery in about 2 seconds and 9 for 2 minutes recovery.

If using PR6010 antenna:

dipole has two ends to connect and cable has two ends, you really don’t have a chance to connect wrong.
it doesn’t matter if you connect central conductor to uper or lower pole.
Cut one pole %10 shorter to transmit at frequencies above 100mhz
Keep 2nd dipole uncut for frequencies below 100mhz

Below is THD which is a sum of average FM receiver’s distortion and the transmitter,you can see 19kHz pilot coming out of the FM receiver, THD is good ,noise is low, please use regulated power supply !

Here is how sine wave pilot is created using digital oversampling: first digital waves are mixed(blue) then filtered using 2nd order filter (red) :


Seven element Low Pass Filter is integrated , transmitter has very clean output , there are no harmonics !

The transmitter powered by REGULATED 12vdc power supply(not included),
DC coax power plug, 2.1mm I.D., 5.5mm O.D., center positive. No case(box) available.

This unit is offered and intended for educational or experimental purposes only. Seller is in no way liable for any misuse, unlicensed or otherwise unauthorized operation. The buyer assumes ALL responsibility for legal operation of this unit, which varies worldwide from country to country. Information for your area can easily be found by searching the internet.

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