50w 80W RF power amplifier pallet module 75Mhz – 110Mhz input 1W output 80W

FU-80A 80W RF power amplifier pallet module 75Mhz – 110Mhz input 1W output 80W



This product is mainly used for FM broadcasting equipment production and assembly.

  • The entire board with green epoxy double-sided high frequency PCB, the bottom of the thermal conductivity of aluminum floor. Excellent high frequency characteristics of beautiful appearance.
  • Board structure consists of RF amplifier, low pass filter circuit, VSWR protection circuit.
  • Amplifier input power 1W, the output power amplifier filter more than 80 watts.
  • DB9 functional control interface: digital temperature sensor, the reflected power, positive power, VSWR protection switch.


Technical parameters:

    Power supply voltage: 48 ~ 50V
Operating Current: ≤ 11A
Efficiency: 68%
Frequency Range: 85MHz ~ 110MHz (maximum range 75MHz ~ 110Mhz)
Bandwidth: 35MHz
Gain: 19 in dBm
Input power: ≤ 1 watts    Output power: 80 watts (to adjust the input power can change the output power).
Harmonic Suppression: -65 dB
Flatness: <1 dBm
Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Duty: Continuous work
PCB Dimensions: Length 102MM * 35MM * 57MM * thick, wide
The other specifications of the amplifier, please contact us at [email protected]



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  1. christopher espino 2013/12/17 at 15:26:09

    i’m from philippines… we want to order this item 80 watts amplifier plus 48 volts power supply/…
    we are the one who bought 150 and 80 watts rack type transmitter with dipole..now we need the amp. can you give us discount? we are verry very happy..good produck…satisfied…even your service is good…two tumbs up…/..email me here so we can pay right away,…
    thanks more sales to come..