3KW FM stereo transmitter

Detailed Product Description

professional FM stereo transmitter,
digital exciter used,
AES/EBU input directly,
microstrip combiner.

Innovative digital fm stereo transmitter for frofessional radio station

Input audio: Analog and digital(AES/EBU), changover automatically

Big size color LCD with touch panel

All operating parameters are displayed realtime

RS232/485 communication with PC

High performace and low price


Techinial specifications:

output RF power:3KW

Frequency randge: 87.5~108MHz(other frequency can be ordered)

Analog input resistance: 600ohm, balance

Digital input resistance: 110ohm, balance

Output Rf connector:7/8′(female)

Carrier frequency precision: 200Hz
Harmonic suppression: 70dB
Parasitic amplitude modulation: -60 dB
Modulation frequency deviation: 75kHz; 100%modulation
Audio pre-emphasis: 0; 50us; 75us
Level difference of right and left:0.01 dB; 100%modulation;
Signal-to-Noise: 75dB; Type1kHz, 100%modulation;
Audio response: 0.05dB, 10Hz~15000MHz
Distortion: 0.1%, 30 Hz ~15KHz
Stereo FM transmitter Separation:55dB, 30Hz~15KHz
Pilot frequency: 19kHz

3KW FM stereo transmitter

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