10pcs 10W CZH-10A 87-108MHz fm transmitter broadcast stereo mic 1/4 wave GP Antenna powersupply

Wholesale 10pcs Free shipping New arrive CZH-10A 10W fm transmitter 87~108MHz

broadcast stereo mic + 1/4 wave GP Antenna + powersupply


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Description:This is a small sized transmitter broadcast, outstanding by its high and strong power output.
Widely used in campus, community, office and other places.
It’s also a good choice for individuals that’s interested in FM broadcast devices.
1. Microphone Interface (3.5mm)
2. R/L line input
3.“+”  UP
4.“-”   DOWN
5. Menu(Also use as”POWER ON/OFF”and “YES” button)
6. Power Input interface
7.Antenna Interface (N base)


Operating frequency: 87~108MHz
Output power: 0~10W
Rated voltage: DC12v
Operating Current: 4A
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Temperature: -5 ~ 40 degrees Celsius Package Include:

Item Pcs

CZH-10A Transmitter


12v Power


Audio cable


1/4 wave Antenna




Some instructions on the firing range:

Factors that affect the transmission range is very large,
For example:
1. Transmitter output power. Of course, exactly the same conditions in other cases, the higher the transmission power, the greater the distance fired.
2. Transmitter antenna height. Because the FM band of electromagnetic waves is the approximate straight lines, and its propagation characteristics and light almost. Then obviously, the higher the antenna, transmitter farther.
3. Transmitter antenna gain. The higher the antenna gain, emission will be farther away from
4. Surrounding environment. Have said earlier, FM band and light propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves similar, so if the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna have a high building block, then the firing range will also suffer greatly.
5. Receiver sensitivity. Receiver sensitivity is low, then high transmitter power and then not help, it is very obvious reason.
6. Electromagnetic environment. If the adverse electromagnetic environment, of course it will cause interference on the receiver, reception it would certainly be affected. As the two people inside the chat in DISCO, it is quite strenuous.

In summary, the rigid target in the general transmitter and did not launch from the index, the distance from the use of the environment is not realistic to talk about the launch.
However, we can press the ideal environment to provide users with reference to consider the distance:
0.5W———— 1000m
2W ———— 2000m
5W ————- 5000m
10W ————– 6500m
15W ————– 8000m
20W ————- 10000m
30W ————- 13000m
50W ————- 15000m
100W ———— 18000m
500W ———— 40000m

1. The so-called ideal conditions: the transmitting antenna high enough, and no stop between the receiver antenna. Antenna in good working order. Receiver sensitivity of-90dbm above. There is no electromagnetic interference with the environment.
2. Firing range is for reference only and is not a guarantee.



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