1000W CZH Compact FM Stereo Transmitter

1000W Compact FM Stereo Transmitter



The transmitter implements digital FM modulator module as its core,combining with RF power amplifier.In the transmitter,DSP&DDS are used to execute all-digital processing,such as digital filtering,pre-emphasis,the generation of pilot frequency,stereo coding and FM modulating.A AGC circuit is used to keep the set power stable.
High performance and very good reliability has been proved by the large usage of 1000W FM transmitters.Also it is low cost and small size.

1. Hearing Similar to CD
2. All-digital technologies DSP+DDS
3.Built-in audio signal limiter
4.Analog and digital(AES/EBU)audio signal input directly
5.AGC circuit to keep the Output Power stability
6.Big LCD display all the parameters in real time
7.Communication Interface by RS232 for remote
8.Five kinds of protections for the security
9.Stainless steel cabinet
10.Easy to upgrade to synchronized transmitter
11.Compact structure



Technical Specifications:

1. Frequency Range:                    87.0MHz~108 MHz
2. Frequency Setting step:         10KHz
3. Carrier Frequency precision: ±200Hz
4. Residual Wave Radiation:      ≥65dBc
5. Audio Input Impedance:        600Ω,Balance
6. Separation:                               60dB
7. Audio Input Level:                ±10dBm,step 0.01dB
8. S/N:                                         ≥75dB(10H~15kHz,100%)
9. Audio Harmonic Distortion:   <0.05%
10.Audio response:                      ±0.05dB(10Hz~15KHz)
11.Output Load Impedance:     50Ω
12.Output Power:                     500W,1000W
13.Pre-emphasis:                      0μS,50μS,75μS
14.Deviation:                                ±75kHz
15.Pilot Frequency:                      19 kHz±1Hz
Pilot Signal Modulation:             8%~10%
16.Sub-carrier Suppression:       ≥65dB
17.RF Output connector:              7/16′(female)/7/8’Flange
18.Size:                                        605mm×484mm×133mm
19.Weight:                                    36KG

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