5276B 3W TV transmitter 0.25 MHz include broadcast and antenna kit

3w TV transmitter 0.25MHz step broadcast and receive antennas KIT

112.25-1000MHz TV transmitter 0.25MHz step include broadcast and receive antennas


his modulator is mainly used for long-distance transmission and short-range wireless broadcast. When use cable transmission,  the output connect the  transmission cable, So because of  higher output and transmission distance is far more than conventional modulator;

When use wireless transmission, the output connect to the transmit antenna, transmission distance depends on the selected transmitting antenna.
Usually, when the frequency arround 400MHz, the semidiameter coverage range is 1km~2km

Main technical parameters
Working frequency: 112.25-1000MHz , 0.25MHz steps
Audio frequency : 6.5MHz
Display: LED display screen display frequency
Input signal: Standard AV input signal
Output power:≥ 100mW
Output port : Metric F Block
Power Supply :160-240V50Hz
Forced air cooling method : Enforce air-cooled
Work environment: <40 ℃
Chassis Size:255 × 185 × 55mm

Product called modulator, in fact, in addition to the internal modulation also contains RF amplifier, power output, just like a full-featured low-power television transmitter, connect the signal source, power, transmitting antenna, it can work. The simplest application of this equipment is to be used as the composition of a small range of television transmission systems diagram below.

DVD player with AV source to do, of course, the AV signal source may be other AV equipment, such as cable set-top boxes, satellite TV receivers, hard disk player, etc., as well as computer graphics output video plus sound card output audio signal source is AV. In short, as long as it can output standard AV signal can be used as AV equipment with the original signal.

AY-63761A, B two machines suitable for such a launch system, which is typically used in shopping malls, warehouses, schools, villages, larger residential environments, the default working band in Z17-DS57 Channels (295-870MHz), change As long as the operating frequency using the panel on the frequency rise or down button to select, then press the OK button latches can be very convenient. AY-63761B which is approximately four times the power output AY-63761A, the coverage distance doubles.

In AY-63761A-type machine, for example, if in a completely open environment to 400MHz frequency emissions, ordinary television receiving antenna, effective coverage radius of 1-2 km, while working in the 800MHz band, due to the small size of the antenna efficiency is reduced , distance covered will be reduced by about one third.

Sometimes, wireless transmission systems need to work in a more complex environment, launch distance is difficult to estimate in a more complex environment, because the scene of the buildings, trees, terrain and other factors will cause varying degrees of impact on the wireless signal. Customers often ask friends in a complex

Standard accessories :power cable, AV signal cable, 400MHz single-cross antenna, equivalent oscillator.

Standard accessories :power cable, AV signal cable, 400MHz single-cross antenna, equivalent oscillator.

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    This is with regard to your 5276B 3W TV transmitter 0.25 MHz include broadcast and antenna kit. May I inquire if its available in NTSC. I would like to utilize it as a simple tv broadcast setup in our small village.

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