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    Wireless transceiver/receiver modules remote control

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  • Date:2012-03-28
  • Wireless transceiver kit 3 / wireless receiver modules / wireless remote control / PT2272L4/PT2272M4/PT2262 ...
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Product Description

Wireless transceiver kit 3 / wireless receiver modules / wireless remote control / PT2272L4/PT2272M4/PT2262


Transmitter Description:

The module is mature technology, performance excellence, the electromagnetic conversion efficiency, transmission power, low power consumption, the use of SAW devices (SAW) frequency stabilization, 6.5G ultra high frequency transistors, chip encoding a wide variety to meet all aspects of level application. Scope:
1, car, motorcycle anti-theft device;
2, home burglar alarm;
3, various remote control, electric curtains, roller shutter doors, car park Road illustrates control;


Operating voltage
Oscillation mode
SAW resonators
Operating frequency
315MHz, 433.92MHz,
Special frequency can be customized
Frequency deviation
150kHz (max)
Transmit power
m W
Encoding format
Performance characteristics:
1. Four parallel data;
2. High stability, the use of SMT chip components imported, steady frequency surface acoustic resonator (SAW), 6.5G ultra high frequency transistor;
3. Dimensions: 36mmX23mmX8 mm.

Reference Application Circuit:


Instructions for use:
1, the module continuous emission time should not exceed 30 seconds, to prevent overheating damage to the efficient emission control.
2, the transmission distance and the transceiver antenna module, operating voltage, data rate, duty cycle and other factors.
3 should be used with connected antenna (length of about 250mm) and try to straighten suspended use, the antenna should be as far away from large metal body.
4, should try to avoid electromagnetic interference and metal shield.


Receiver Module Model: R03BS

First, the technical indicators

1, operating voltage: 5VDC

2, the working current: <5mA

3, the receiving frequency: 315MHz

4, the receive mode: super-regenerative

5, the receiver sensitivity:-103dBm

6, decoder chip: PT2272-M4 (L4), there are four parallel data output, all the way to effective instruction decoder output (non-locking), eight tri-state address code

7, effective decoding high TTL output

8, output: There are two, one for non-Lock (M) mode (ie, jog or pulse), and the other for the interlock (L) mode (that is, the signal latch mode)

9, size: 49 *20 * 7mm

Second, the use of

1, range: industrial remote control, telemetry, anti-theft alarm signal reception, the remote control of various household appliances and so on.

2, the module receiving frequency is fixed at 315MHz, applications do not adjust the module inductor. So as not to affect the reception.

3, the antenna with a soft wire or other hard metal (such as the rod antenna), a length of 250mm, neither too long nor too short, otherwise it will affect the receiving distance. If you use soft wire, please straighten suspended use, and try not to close to metal objects.

4, should try to avoid electromagnetic interference and metal shield.

5, the supply voltage for stability and low ripple factor, to be multi-level filters (such as increasing the bead capacitors, inductors).

6, if the proposed use with the microcontroller MCU clock frequency and the crystal in the 4MHZ the following as possible from the RF receiver module, otherwise the crystal will affect the high harmonics communication distance.

Third, the reference to the application circuit (four remote relay switch)A4

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  1. Martin Gordon 2017/07/19 at 16:55:13

    I am monitoring a open or closed contact. I would like multiple transmitters to receivers all the same code, that is any receiver will recognize any transmitter. A single channel is enough. Also once contact to transmit is initiated it will stay turned on for long periods, perhaps many hours.

    The order will be something like 240 transmitters and 60 receivers.

    Thank you.

    • admin 2017/07/20 at 10:12:39

      Hello Martin Gordon

      How far would you want to cover? We have mini fm transmitter.
      If you are interested in them welcome to contact me.
      my email kitmanl[email protected]