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    Vga matrix 4 in 4 out 8 in 8 out 16 in 16 out 24 in 24 out 32 in 32 out with audio switcher

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  • Date:2020-07-30
  • Product Model: SYOUE-VGA0404 The standard configuration:1. Matrix host2. High-quality 0.75 square power cord3. High quality RS232 cross serial cable4. Infrared remote control (send)5. Computer control software (send)6. Matrix manual7. Warranty c ...
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Product Description

Product Model: SYOUE-VGA0404

The standard configuration:
1. Matrix host
2. High-quality 0.75 square power cord
3. High quality RS232 cross serial cable
4. Infrared remote control (send)

5. Computer control software (send)
6. Matrix manual
7. Warranty card
8. Certificate of conformity

product description:

The VGA series matrix switcher series is a high-performance broadband intelligent matrix switcher specially designed for the display switching of computer and video equipment display signals and high-resolution VGA digital image signals. The VGA matrix switcher is used to switch and switch computer display signals. Distribution, which can switch multiple signals from the input channel to any one of the output channels, and the output channels are independent of each other. Simply put, you can display any one of the incoming multiple input signals to any display you specify. The matrix switcher actually transmits one or more audio and video signals to one or more display devices. This series of products can be widely used in multimedia digital conference rooms, multimedia teaching, multi-functional lecture halls, command and control centers, hotels, audio-visual exhibition halls, large-screen projection display projects and other occasions.


Routing specifications: 4 in 4 out

4 VGA computer signal input; 4 VGA computer signal output, fully cross-switchable

4 channels of audio input, 4 channels of audio output (optional); can be fully cross-switched synchronously or asynchronously with the video

Using the latest 32-bit ARM9 embedded processor

Using 500M high-bandwidth chip with long-line drive function

Independent development of high-resolution display design circuit

Using signal long-distance transmission distortion gain compensation technology

Using Digital Synchronous Identification Processing (DSIP) technology

Built-in round-robin switching function, can set interval time and channel arbitrarily

Built-in 32 sets of scene storage function, can be directly operated on the panel or infrared remote sensing

Using programmable logic array circuit (FPGA), performance is more stable

Computer video input and output terminals adopt HD15PIN (VGA) interface

The LCD screen can display the switching status of each channel of the device, input signal characteristics and other information, intuitive and convenient

This product has the functions of switching memory protection, LCD liquid crystal display, audio and video synchronization or separate asynchronous switching, etc.

This product is a high-reliability intelligent device. The design adopts fault-tolerant technology and a communication interface circuit with high anti-interference ability to ensure the reliability of communication. It has infrared remote control and RS232 communication functions, which can be easily completed by users Signal switching during the demonstration

With RS232 communication interface, it can be conveniently used with computers, remote control systems or various remote control equipment

Compatible with codes and instructions of all similar products in the market

International universal wide voltage design, can adapt to AC 110~240V, 50/60Hz

High quality, mass production, high compatibility and stability

Using dual serial port loop connection technology, users no longer worry about not enough serial ports, and the device can be cascaded up to 256 units

Multiple control methods

Panel button control: switch directly through the touch buttons on the device panel;
Infrared remote control: use infrared remote control to switch remotely;
Software control: Use special matrix management software to control switching, and RS232 interface for connection interface.
Main technical index parameters:

VGA channel
Number of input ports: 4
Number of output ports: 4 channels

Audio channel (optional)
Number of audio input ports: 4 channels
Number of audio output ports: 4 channels

Bandwidth: 500MHz (-3dB), full load
Luminance and chromaticity interference: [email protected]
Signal type: digital VGA, digital TMDS
Differential phase I/0S: <1.28 degrees, 3.58MHz
Differential gain error: 0.1%, 3.58-4.43MHz
Isolation (crosstalk): <-85db(10MHz)
Input signal level: 1.2 volt p-p, 5 volt p-p (TTL)
Non-linear distortion: <0.02%/0.02o (RL=150Ω)
Support resolution: HD 480i~1080p/640X480~2048X1536 (60Hz)
Input and output interface: HD15PIN (VGA)
Control method: RS-232, infrared, keyboard panel
Control protocol: 9600 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
Input level: 0.7Vp-p
Input auxiliary resistance: 75Ω
Output aid: 75Ω
Sync channel

Input level: TTL
Output level: TTL
Input impedance: 10KΩ
Output impedance: 33Ω
Synchronization polarity: follow input

Power supply AC: 110V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 20W
Size: 480 (width) *45 (height) *260 (depth) (mm)
Weight: 4kg
Rack installation: 19 inches standard 1U height
Mean time between failures MTBF: 50000 hours
Warranty: three-year warranty, replacement for quality problems within three months, lifetime maintenance

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