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    REDOT-1050A UV segment digital walkie-talkie redot standing table standing table / power meter

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  • Date:2014-03-01
  • U / V segment digital SWR meter power meter latest model 1050A, using over-sampling technology, the effective resolution A / D conversion increased to 12 , remains simple, easy to use and practical features   Redot Series portable digital SW ...
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Product Description

U / V segment digital SWR meter power meter latest model 1050A, using over-sampling technology, the effective resolution A / D conversion increased to 12 , remains simple, easy to use and practical features






Redot Series portable digital SWR meter / power meter , using three semi- LCD display , using the included A / D converter of the microcontroller, the whole measurement process automatically, no need like the traditional pointer table as full-scale adjustment knob school tedious operation , DIP switch , as long as the radio transmitter button is pressed , you can directly read the SWR on the LCD, easy to use, fast and accurate measurements , and can be fast-tracked SWR changes, such as the human body , such as in the vicinity of the antenna mobile , the impact on the antenna VSWR can glance, some even use it to monitor whether the HAM bird landed on its antenna. HAM has now become an indispensable tool for their handy , and that red button , which is a collection of all operations , but also the design highlights, many HAM directly to this figure standing table called ” little red ” , the name of the red dots that is resulting.

A functional index
1 , forward / reverse power P:
Measuring range : ± 0.0 ~ ± 120W, error ± 5%.
Maximum Power : <120W. Minimum 0.1W of data . 1W data more accurate.

2, the voltage standing wave ratio S ( but with a ” 5 ” is displayed as the difference between the actual use “Γ”):
Measuring range : 1.00 ~ 1.99,2.0 ~ 19.9 .
After VSWR greater than 19.9 Display: 1._._

3 , frequency :
VSWR : 100MHZ ~ 500MHZ.
Power : V segment (145MHZ -centric ), U paragraph (435MHZ -centric ) .

4 , temperature range : 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

5 , power consumption:
AAA alkaline batteries : 3
LCD backlight off : <1.3mA
LCD backlight on : <15mA

6, Dimensions ( excluding protrusions ): 66 * 68 * 36 (mm)

7 Connector Type: N -Block

8 , Weight : 250g ( without batteries )

the principle of measurement
The standing wave and power measurement instrument is based on microstrip couplers made positive and negative signal voltage, the detector, filter , enter the A / D conversion, the signal obtained is proportional to the digital voltage , and then through appropriate algorithms and compensation and get the corresponding forward and reverse power , and voltage standing wave ratio at this time , the above process is sampled once every 10mS and digital smoothing filter after every 200mS refresh the display , the use of common digital multimeter 31 / 2 of LCD, so the software needed to increase the signal XOR logic segment LCD driver , standing , forward power , reverse power per 2S rotation interval display can also display the status of the lock by a key , or immediately converted Show .
The instrument design features that minimize complexity and cost of hardware , the software can do it with the software, so the hardware circuit is very simple, one button on the realization : the power on and off , switch the display status , maintaining , LCD backlight on, off , the operation is very simple, no toggle switch back and forth , the process of adjustment knob , press the launch button as soon as equipment can be read directly from the LCD SWR and forward / reverse power value.
As a result of high-performance microcontrollers , along with ICP / ISP function, so upgrading the software are extremely convenient, since you can continue to improve its performance , continuous measurement precision digital compensation , change, and add features , such as : to achieve a signal is on the show , no signal is turned off , delay Switcher, increase the display reflection coefficient , an increase of HF SWR and power measurements should be part of the hardware with the realization .

Third, the use

1, the battery installation :
Open the back cover to install three AAA (7 ) alkaline batteries, do not touch other parts , installed cover , having a good four M3 screws. Not a long time should be promptly remove the battery to avoid leakage circuit corrosion , or use no leakage of sealed batteries , AAA batteries can be used with the same specifications as nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride , lithium ion rechargeable battery , the voltage range of 3.6V ~ 6V you can , but please note that the battery polarity , wrong installation may cause damage to the table without the charging circuit .

2 , the device is connected :
The actual standing will be connected to the RF output of the radio “TX” side , the antenna ( or other test load ) connected to the “ANT” terminal , connect the antenna cable short as well, so the result is closer to the antenna, connect the cable is best press 1 /2 of an integral multiple of the wavelength cut conducive to the accuracy of the measurement results .

turn on the power :
Press and hold the red button for about half a second lift , the power to open and press time is not critical, in the open process of the LCD backlight may look shiny , button lift off, is normal. The LCD display is the default setting : 2S interval cycle SWR / power forward / reverse power .

4 , standing waves and power measurement :
Just press the launch button radio , you can turn on the LCD read SWR / power forward / reverse power when VSWR exceeds 19.9 or power display overflow ” 1._._ ” is over 60 .

5, display hold and conversion status :
When you need to feel free to read the value of a state , you can cycle through to when the state, press the red button for less than 0.5S, lifted after maintaining the current display state until the button is pressed again within 0.5S lifted, immediately turn to the next state , then 2S interval cycle . For example : When standing display , press the button and lift , the future will always show VSWR values , then you can adjust the antenna , always observe the changes in the standing wave .

6, LCD backlight switches:
Press the red button a little longer 0.8S, the backlight is lit, immediately lift buttons , other states will not change, when the backlight is turned off , press the red button the same time longer 0.8S, the backlight turns off , immediately lift button available .

7 , power off :
Press the red button for longer than 2S above , press the button in the period, the backlight will turn on or off , keep pressing the 2S state after the lift off.

8, automatic shutdown:
When no transmitter signal duration 8 minutes , then turn off automatically .
In summary, the table only one button usage:
Tap , turn on the power ;
Normal keys, switch the display ;
Longer pressed , the backlight switches ;
Sustained two seconds , lift off.

Then a simple instrument also needs proper maintenance in order to continue to serve you . Daily use should pay attention to the following points:

1 , due to the very low power consumption, the battery can be used for a long time , but do not forget the timely replacement of leaking batteries , or no leakage of sealed batteries .

2 , the table does not sealing measures , the use of attention to moisture , water, rain, while not in the same organic solvents, acids , alkalis and other corrosive gases or liquids together storage or use.

3 , Do not use or store in a high or low temperatures , above 60 degrees or below 0 degrees may cause permanent damage to the part of the device .

4, do not store a lot of dust in the environment or use , or may cause contact problems and other unknown fault button while the meter does not have proof function.

5 , under the power measured time as short as possible , the table does not have the practical experience to continuously measure at maximum power .

6 , the table does not pressure test done , try to use under an atmospheric pressure , high pressure or low pressure or high altitude , may cause permanent damage to the LCD .

The main technical parameters:
Maximum power : 120 W
SWR Display : 1.00 to 19.9
Frequency Power : @ 145MHZ/435MHZ
VSWR : 100MHZ ~ 500MHZ
Display : 3 1/2 LCD, blue backlight
Sampling rate : 100 / S
Sampling Resolution : 12BIT ( oversampling )
RF Connector Type : N-KF (L16)
Insertion Loss : <0.15dB (VHF), <0.25dB (UHF)
Return Loss :> 30db
Orientation :> 30db (VHF),> 26db (UHF)
Battery : AAA * 3
Power consumption : <3mA ( backlight off ) <10mA ( backlight )
Dimensions : 67 * 69 * 37 (mm) ( excluding protrusions )
Total Weight : 270g ( without batteries )


package including:

1*redot  power meter

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