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    GVC 12V 2A high quality DC Power supply Power adapter FCC UL certificate for 0.5w 1w 5w fm transmitter

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  • Date:2012-05-03
  • GVC 12V 2A high quality DC Power supply Power adapter FCC UL certificate for 0.5w 1w 5w fm transmitter ...
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Product Description

Technical Specifications:




1. Input characteristics
1). Input Voltage:
*Nominal Voltage: 100-240Vac
*Variation Range: 90-264Vac
2). Inpute Frequency:
*Nominal Frequency: 50-60Hz
*Variation Frequency: 47-63Hz
3). Input Current
1.0Arms max At any input voltage and rated, DC output rated load.
4). Inrush Current:
30Amps Max. Cold start at 240Vac input, with rated load and 25 celsius degrees ambient.
5). AC leakage Current: 0.25mA Max At  240Vac Input

2.Output Characteristics:
1) Power output:24.0W( DC12V, 0A Min.Load, 2.0A Max. Load, >2.5A peak)
2) Combined load/Kube Regulatioin:
DC12V Voltage, +-3% Line regulation, +-5% Load regulation.

3).Ripple and Noise:
The ripple and noise are as follows when measure with Max.Bandwidth of 20MHz and Parallel 47uf/0.1uf, crossed connected at testing point.

Voltage                Ripple and Noise(Max)
+12.0V DC           120mVp-p

4) Turn On Delay Time: 2second Max.At 115Vac input and output Max.Load
5) Rise Time: 40mS Max. At 115Vac input and output Max.Load.
6) Hold up time: 5mS Min.At 115Vac input and output Max.Load.
7) Efficiency: 80% Min.At 100Vac input and output Max.load
80% Min.At 240Vac input and output Max.Load
8)Overshoot: 15% Max.When power supply at turn on or turn off.

3.Protection requirement:
1) short circuit protection
2) Over current protection
3) Over voltage protection

4. Environment requirement
1) Operation Temperature: 0~-40 celsius degrees,full load normal operation
2) Storeage Temperature: -20~85 celsius degrees.
3) Relative humidity:
5%(0 celsius degrees)~90%(celsius degrees), 72Hrs, Full load normal operating.
4) Vibration:
* Operating: IEC721-3-3 3M3
5-9hz, A=1.5mm
*Transportation: IEC 721-3-2 2M2
200-500Hz, Acceleratoin=15m/s2
* Axes, 10cycles per axis:
No permanent damage may occur during testing.The product has to restore its original situation after power off/on.
* Dropping: 1 corner, 3 edges, and 6 surfaces.
5. Certificates:

6. Package size: 145*72*32mm(L*W*H)
7. Input connector: 2*0.5m SRF8
8. DC cable: AWM2464  22AWG*2C,VW1,80 celsius degrees, FT1,300V, with word on the cord, length: 0.5m. Without magnetic ring, DC plug 5.5*2.1*10mm, in+/out-

package Include:

1* GVC 12V2A Power supply




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