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    NEW mini CZH-T200 portable 0.1-200mw FM Transmitter radio braodcast Stereo/Mono For Tourism Driving School Meeting

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  • Date:2012-06-18
  • New Mini CZH-T200 Portable FM Transmitter radio braodcast Stereo/Mono Power adjustable For Tourism Driving School Meeting ...
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New Mini CZH-T200 Portable FM Transmitter radio braodcast Stereo/Mono Power adjustable For Tourism Driving School Meeting
This CZH-T200 0.2w FM transmitter  is a newly designed model featured by portable size,high quality, long broadcasting range and stable performance. It had 4 levels of power output, powered by 1000mah li-on battery. The maximum working time is 12hours at the lowest power level.  It has both Stereo and Mono audio output, both line-in and microphone volume is adjustable by press the button on the case. It’s very easy to operate, it’s specially suitable for application areas like tourism,meeting,campus,driving school teaching,stadium, horse race, sports, and many other areas. We’ve also designed a high sensitivity FM Receiver to match the transmitter, its sensitivity is even better than Tecsun radios during our tests. 


Size 82*60*22mm
Weight 67G(not include battery)
Frequency 87~108 MHz /76~90 MHz
Frequency err 3K
transmit distance 10m/100m/300m/500m
transmit  power 0.1mW/10mW/100mW/200mW
Working hours  16h/10/8h/6h
Harmonic radiation less than -60dB
Noise radiation  less than -60dB
Shutdown voltage  3.1V
Step frequency  100K/(Forward, backward, loop)
Battery capacity  1000mAh
Battery Protection  include
Charging time  About 5 hours




Package Include: 

1*CZH-T200 0.2w FM transmitter

1* Antenna

1* Haning Buckle

1* Battery

1* Car charger

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5 Responses

  1. Barry 2012/06/27 at 01:13:08

    Hi, I’m interested in the CZH-T200. Would kindly send me operating instructions in English as I can’t find them on the Net. Thank you Barry

    • admin 2012/06/27 at 10:12:41

      hello friend
      I sent it to your email .Thank you for visiting my website.

  2. John R Burroughs 2013/05/16 at 19:33:46

    Hello Lanyue,

    Long time since I ordered, had to have surgery!

    Just ordered another CZH T200, please make sure this is the highest

    power model available for this style transmitter.

    If there is an extra charge for more power OK to charge my Pay Pal.

    By the way the CZH T 501 has been on continuos duty at 30 watts since

    you sent it to our rural location…a very fine transmitter ! Best, John B

  3. John R Burroughs 2013/05/16 at 19:39:48


    I am frankly surprised you are still with CZH.
    Your expertise and prompt courteous servive is
    so unique from other Chinese Firms we buy from.

    John Burrroughs
    Burrroughs Int
    18354 Ventura Bl.
    Tarzana Calif. USA 91356

  4. Laura Dajelli 2018/02/20 at 16:57:56

    Please, what about my order posted on last 12 feb for n.10 CZH-T200 con ricevuta di pagamento per 515.00 USD( Visa x-6314) n. 810674148879176 used link below