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    NanoVNA -F VNA Nano Vector Network Analyzer Antenna Analyzer 50K-1.5GHz

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  • Date:2020-03-03
  • NanoVNA-F vector network analyzer NanoVNA-F Mini Vector Network Analyzer is a product based on the NanoVNA ( open source project. the rf component is consistent with the original version (nano vna-f uses harmoni ...
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Product Description

NanoVNA-F vector network analyzer

NanoVNA-F Mini Vector Network Analyzer is a product based on the NanoVNA ( open source project. the rf component is consistent with the original version (nano vna-f uses harmonic propagation measurement frequency to 1.5 ghz).
The machine allows the 400-470 mhz dynamic up to 80 db to be easily used to adjust the uv frequency of the duplex, but also solves the source code program some bug so that the scale of swr to 0.5/ g without clutter waveform.

NanoVNA-F hardware features include the following improvements:

  1. Using 4.3-inch IPS TFT LCD screen, the view is bigger, the outdoor bright light can also see clearly;
  2. Switching to a large 5000mAh/3.7V lithium battery with a longer standby time and extending a USB port that can be used as a portable battery when you don’t normally use an instrument;
    Change high current 2A charge IC, charge time is shorter;
  3. To replace a better wave wheel with a greater sense of operation;
  4. Change the power switch with a greater sense of operation;
  5. Support menu switching in English and Chinese;
  6. Upgrade the user program via a virtual U-disk;
  7. Standard aluminum enclosure to protect SMA heads and reduce interference with the instrument by external electromagnetic waves;
  8. Software open source

The nano vna-f measurement ranges from 50 k to 1.5 ghz. the harmonic diffusion measurement frequency of the clock chip si5351 output signal is 1500 mhz. at 600 m-1 ghz, the dynamic range of s11 is 40 db (the station-wave ratio is less than 1.02). At the same time, a metal shield is designed for the RF front end, which makes the dynamic range of S21 better than 60 dB in the whole frequency band.

Basic performance:

● Size:14cm7.5cm2cm (length, width and height)
● Net weight:400g
● Measuring frequency:50kHz to 1500MHz
● RF output:-13dbm (maximum -9dbm)
● Frequency accuracy:<0.5 ppm
:: Port SWR:<1.1
● Display:4.3-inch IPS TFT (800×480)(screen visible in outdoor sunlight)
:: USB interface: USB Type-C communication mode: CDC (serial)
● Power consumption: USB 5V 200mA (built-in 5000mAh/3.7V battery, theoretical life 18 hours, maximum charge current 2A)
● Output power:5V/1A support Android, Apple phone (portable battery)
Number of calibration points:101
:: Number of scan points:101
:: Display Track:4, Mark:4, Set Save:5
● Scanning time: about 1.9s/1(50kHz-1500MHz full band)
● Measurable S parameters, voltage standing wave SWR Smith circle diagram phase diagram, group delay,… ;
● About 5000mAh/3.7V large capacity lithium battery after 19.0Wh conversion
● The design of a metal shield for the RF front end enables the S21 to have a dynamic range better than 60dB in the full spectrum

Packing List:

● Network Analyzer x 1
● SMA-JJ316RG connection line 20CMx2(Nano VNA-F is the standard SMA motherhead interface, outer screw inner hole,)
::1 set of calibrators (50Ω standard load x1, open-circuit calibrator x1, short-circuit calibrator x1, with a complimentary calibrator, the instrument can get good measurement data after calibration, the instrument has been fully calibrated and stored in parameter 0 before shipment, if changing the measurement conditions such as adding the transfer line, modifying the frequency range, then the parameters need to be recalibrated and stored in 0-4, all parameters can be transferred out through the “callback” function. )

● SMA-F double-head hole x1(i.e. SMA mother seat double-pass)
● SMA elbow External screw internal hole to internal screw internal needle x1
:: Type-C data line x1
:: NanoVNA-F Quick Start Guide x 1


Using a small vector network as a frequency meter using :

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