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    AKG-K77 AKG Headphones entry-level monitor headphone cost-effective

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  • Date:2014-03-08
  • Many manufacturers in the field of headphone market , there is a vendor known as the audio industry , ” Armani “, which is the famous AKG companies. AKG to master technology and profound industrial music world-renowned conservation , an ...
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Product Description

Many manufacturers in the field of headphone market , there is a vendor known as the audio industry , ” Armani “, which is the famous AKG companies. AKG to master technology and profound industrial music world-renowned conservation , and by many music enthusiasts recognized and endorsed . AKG virtue of their own efforts over the years as well as the spirit of the relentless pursuit of HIFI , has become the world’s top headphones standing in the peak of professional brand.




AKG headphones technically done in many ways to try and explore the depth and breadth involved stunning.

    Its bold exploration and innovative spirit is admirable , especially its multi- diaphragm technology and a unique acoustic headphone structure is very advanced . Today we bring is a follow-up version of the classic AKG K66 headphones , model K77, let’s take a look at the headset .


    K77 overall look is not very appealing , unlike some headphones or using a special material is eye-catching colors. K77 mostly using plastic , this material has now become the preferred general public headset. The color is made ​​with the gray and black , the color of the tie makes the K77 looks simple and generous .

    First beam section using two arched round fox design , very ergonomic head type standards.

    In terms of flexibility, if his hands were Hold both ends of the headset , you will find the accurate head portion can be bent nearly horizontal beam , there is such a toughness in similar products is extremely rare, so that the child no matter how much your head , K77 you can easily put “inclusive .”

    In the bottom of the first beam has a strong adaptive resilience headband , using artificial leather, but it feels a bit like the feel of the matte material feels like a combination of leather and matte . When you wear a long time , and you will not feel too much pressure to bring headphones , even a long time to wear again , not like some ” weight ” class headphones , like wearing long head will hurt . While protecting the head , but also to ensure comfort.

    Earmuffs part of a fully enclosed design , cover part of the middle part of the mesh-like .

    AKG also printed in the middle of the logo, there is a layer of glossy material in the mesh , and looks very unique . Around the hood part by the artificial leather, can play an appropriate role in the cold winter to keep warm , but if it is in the summer , bring a long time will feel very hot.

    Leather middle of a pale blue velvet, while protecting the eardrum is also dustproof role, and combining leather and velvet in a very tight around the joints , but also highlights the major manufacturers AKG work style.

    Headset main types of open and closed two kinds. AKG ‘s K77 belongs closed . Refers to the so-called closed headphone housing is closed , the ear pad can be tightly pressed ear or ear covering to prevent the outside sound entering . Most of this type headphones around -ear ear pads , the sound leakage with little or no leakage , a lot of use in professional monitoring .

    Generally closed headphones sound very clear , detailed , low-frequency response is very good, but there may be too much too heavy , or pressure , for most people, do not open a closed headphone headset comfortable.

    But K77 ‘s performance did not just said pressure. This is behind the sound test you can get experience . Not much to say here, earplugs , earplugs are listening to high-end tube monitor , the frequency response is based on personal hearing curve design , the sound is very satisfying , improper use can damage hearing.

    Sound quality is a measure of the quality of a headset most important part , K77 headphones home said to be a major face of the singer recording monitor headphones, but in this regard we have no way to review , it can only come through a high bit rate MP3 for K77 assessment. Optional two songs were 192KPS of Hotel California and 320KPS ferry , and audio aspects of a home computer with a selection of independent innovation and sound card . First thing to say is , K77 two songs during testing in low-frequency performance is excellent.

    Hotel California one , the opening guitar sound structured, strong resolution , sound reproduction is accurate, good presence , followed by the degree dive deep and powerful drums , the sound field processing right , the intensity aspect is behave rhythmic, very clearly articulate aspects of the human voice , with the rhythm of the level , showing the proper sound segment , people listened very comfortable.

    In crossing the song , the drum performance is beyond the beginning of the unexpected , the intensity and resolution are very strong , and every time the drum can be humbling , let your heart come and go as low drums , this headset with the general feeling is absolutely not enjoy , violin midfielder also showed remarkable side, you can clearly hear the strings of each broadcast move, timbre and range aspects of positioning is very accurate, the song makes you Tsai fully integrated into this closed songs , their unique sound and style is K77 segment on its head . Based on the above points , K77 had to say in the sound quality is very professional, worthy of listening to a recording headset .


    AKG headphones contribution in the field is obvious , its advanced technology and unique multi- diaphragm acoustic headphone structure brings us a classic and a headset . AKG study the fundamental purpose of these technologies , mainly in order to allow the headset to adapt to the physical characteristics of different people , to get the most natural sound field sound through headphones . K77 K66 headphones as an alternative to classic products , no less in terms of quality performance with other well-known brand of professional grade headphones .

    According to the U.S. Billboard magazine, 90% of the world’s recording studios are using AKG professional headsets and microphones.

    American National Theater and National Concert Hall are specified using the AKG professional equipment , the visibility is visible in the AKG world leader . Whether you have worked with AKG headphones or never understood before, I believe reading the above description , we will let you love this K77 headphones.



The main parameters

Product Type : dynamic headphones

Wear mode : Headset

Function: Monitor Headphones

Frequency range :18-20000Hz

Product Impedance: 32 ohms

Sensitivity : 115dB

Rated power : 200mW

Headphone plug : 3.5mm plug ( straight, gold-plated )

Other parameters headphone cable : 2.5m

Weight : 190g


Package includes :

AKG K77 x1

Turn 6.3mm 3.5mm gold-plated plug x1

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