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    FUAM-5KW AM transmitter All Solid State DAM MW Transmitter

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  • Date:2015-11-24
  • FUAM-05KW AM transmitter  All Solid State PDM MW Transmitter  FUAM-5KW AM transmitter—–Download link Special Features Utilizing the technology of Class D amplifier and linear pulse duration modulation, with CAD and fine craftsmanship Advanced techno ...
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Product Description

FUAM-05KW AM transmitter  All Solid State PDM MW Transmitter

5kw AM transmitter

 FUAM-5KW AM transmitter—–Download link

Special Features

Utilizing the technology of Class D amplifier and linear pulse duration modulation, with CAD and fine craftsmanship

Advanced technology of power combination: eight power modules through voltage combination deliver the output power in the final RF stage, transmission of program will keep on with a reduction of power output, if the individual module fails

Perfect protection against lightning, high reflection power, triple-overload and over-heat for safe and reliable operation

Simple and compact construction, auto power-control, and convenient power preset

Technology of DDS freq combination, high precise and easy-change freq, and auto switch function of synchronizing exciting-signal and local-signal for a synchronized broadcast

Key data sampling by a collector, remote controlling & alarming function. This design can meet the User’s demand of auto control

Convenient PC external port, analog quantity supply: broadcasting power, reflection power, modulation degree, carrier wave, power supply, voltage, Tx’s freq; State quantity: modulation alarm, amplifier alarm, manual control state, overload alarm, broadcast alarm, main power alarm, high freq alarm; other fuction:

  1. State collecting of tuning network switch device
  2. Input current control of Tx
  3. Fast-switch of real-time operation system, reboot time within 10 ms, without negative effect on broadcast
  4. Up to 40 state quantities and 29 analog quantities

Supplying remote controlling & measuring ports at free cost, with Ethernet port up to 100Mbps by TCP/IP; digital audio port with audio distribution and volume tuning function; manual monitor port, manual/auto control switch with L+R function.

Main parameters and working states are displayed on control unit. When the LCD touch-screen faults, the unit will keep normal control.

Stable, easy operating and energy saving

In-build discharge-ball adjustable according to demand of output power and impedance; anti-lightning ability is enhanced by imported vacuum electric discharge tube. Graphite discharge ball device is available in tuning network for more effective against lightning

Internal impedance is directly adjustable on the front panel to match network for lowest SWR when the antenna impedance changes because of weather and etc. Reliable work and easy maintenance.

10.4 inch touch-screen LCD display is optional, detailed parameters can be displayed  and exercise a function of remote control and timing open-shut




Technical Specifications

Frequency range:                 531~1602 kHz(specify one with order)

Class of radiation:                 A3E

Output power:                    Rated power output 5 kW

Max. carrier output 5.25 kW

Output impedance:                50 Ω, or per order

Frequency stability:         ±1 Hz

Type of modulation:                Pulse duration modulation (PDM)

Sub carrier frequency:       72 kHz

Frequency response:               <±0.8 dB(50~8000 Hz, 50% modulation)

Distortion:                        <2% (50~8000 Hz, 90% modulation)

Signal to Noise ratio:               >60 dB(1000 Hz, 100% modulation)

Carrier shift:                      <2% (1 kHz, 100% modulation)

Audio input impedance:             600 Ω balanced

Audio input level:                  +4 dBm(audio input level is between 0~+15

dBm, tuning internal attenuator, can achieve

100% modulation)

Degree of Modulation:              -100%~+125%

Total efficiency:                    Forced air cooling

Power supply:                     380±10%V AC 3 phase 4 line, 50 Hz

RF harmonic wave &stray emitting:   better than FCC & CCIR

Construction of amplifier module:  all bridge high freq switch amplifier

Operating environments:            No abnormality of operation for ambient

temperature of 0 ℃~+40 ℃, relative humidity

of 85%, altitude of lower than 2000 m, power

supply voltage variation ±10%, freq variation ±2 Hz

Dimensions:                       750×2000×1000 mm (W×H×D)

Weight:                           0.6 ton approx




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