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    FUAM-10KW AM transmitter All Solid State DAM MW Transmitter

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  • Date:2015-11-24
  • FUAM-10KW AM transmitter FUAM-10KW All Solid State DAM MW Transmitter FUAM-10KW AM transmitter —–Download link Special Features Utilizing the most advanced technology of digital modulation of the world, totally transistorized, high effic ...
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Product Description

FUAM-10KW AM transmitter


FUAM-10KW All Solid State DAM MW Transmitter

FUAM-10KW AM transmitter —–Download link

Special Features

Utilizing the most advanced technology of digital modulation of the world, totally transistorized, high efficient power combination and modular construction in design, with an overall efficiency of over 85%

Computer-added design, excellent electro-acoustic quality, fine craftsmanship, and possible for stereo broadcasting

Choosing the technology of DDS freq combination, which has high freq precision, is easy to change freq, and has the function of auto switch synchronized exciting signal and local signal to achieve synchronized broadcast

opting DRM adapting board, which only order DRM digital base-band encoding modulator to achieve digital broadcasting instead of analog broadcasting

Transmitter has the function of audio processing, which can warrant to improve the Tx’s average modulation and the receiving result under the premise of non over-modulation

Multiple protections and failure monitors system in the Tx ensuring high reliability, high universality, convenient maintenance, low daily maintenance expense. Many components and main unit circuits can interchange

Provided with reliable lightning protection and computer interfaces of 35 digital and 11 analogue outputs for monitoring

High modulation capability of 125% positive peak at 11 kW and 140% positive peak at 10 kW carrier

Provided with automatic power control to compensate the output power against line voltage variations, easy setting of the power output as desired

Having the function of remote control and monitor, fault alarm, provided with interface direction

The control unit of Tx can display main specifications and working states. When the LCD touch-screen has fault, the unit still can keep the Tx normal control.

Choosing circulating modulation type to make RF amplifier working alternately, which makes the heat duty of amplifiers balanced and improve the amplifier’s operating life. The circulating modulation also automatically tests amplifiers, and will withdraw the fault one(s) once it finds the one(s) have faults, at the same time, it will put the stand-by amplifier into work to warrant the stability of the power modulation degree and parameter of Tx

Tunable discharge ball within the Tx, you can tune according to the output status and the impedance’s need; the Tx is added plumbago discharge ball device in tuning network, which can be more effective against lightning

Provided with floating carrier wave, which make the Tx more energy-saving and environment protection

The input audio signal interface has the function of balanced/imbalanced non-loss converting

Tuning internal impedance matching network directly on the front panel, keeping the lowest SWR when the antenna impedance changes because of weather and etc. Reliable, timely and easy to tune


  Many monitor function:


  1. 10.4 inch touch-screen LCD display is optional, which can display the detailed remote control and monitor parameter of Tx; provided with RS 422 interface and remote control interface, and also provided with relative interface protocol
  2. visualized dynamic data display
  3. Timing open and shutdown can be set 3 times everyday, and can achieve Open and shutdown through operation at anytime
  4. Provided with analogy quality sampling function, the sampling points are more than 13, which mainly has: emitting power, reflection power, mains voltage, mains current, RF driver, modulation degree and etc
  5. Provided with status quality sampling function, the sampling points are more than 25, which mainly has: power degradation indication, high power indication, power upgradation indication, low power indication, intermediate power indication and all kinds of faults alarm indication
  6. Provided with direct control function, such as equipment interlock, remote control low power, remote control mains, remote control broadcasting and etc
  7. The monitor system interface is visualized and simple, which can easily upgrade and extend, and also can convert to manual control system rapidly and conveniently
  8. The monitor system can work stably under the strong electromagnetic interfering environment




Technical Specifications

Carrier power output:              Nominal 10 kW, maximum 11 kW

Frequency range:                 531~1602 kHz(specify one with order)

Carrier freq stability:               <±1Hz/day within temperature range 0~50℃

Output impedance:                50 Ω unbalanced, with the SWR of <1.3, an

internal T network is provided for tuning to the

matching value

Protection against high SWR:       An interruption of <20ms will occur with a

reflected peak envelop power >500 W. The

power will automatically be lowered, if

consecutive over limits of SWR happen

Output connector:                 L52-50KF or per order

Harmonics and spurious radiations:  Better than those specified by FCC & CCIR

Type of modulation:                Digital Amplitude Modulation (DAM)

Carrier shift:                      ≤2% (1000 Hz,m=1)

Audio freq response:               <±1 dB, 30~10000 Hz

Harmonic distortion:              ≤1%(30 Hz-10000 Hz  M=0.95)

Square wave overshot:             <1%, 400 Hz, M=0.8

Square wave tilt:                  <3%, 40 Hz, M=0.8

Signal to noise ratio:               ≥65 dB  (1000 Hz,m=1)

Positive/negative modulation        ≤3%(100 0Hz,m=1)

imbalanced degree:

Stray emission:                    ≤-60 dB

Positive modulation capability:       when 10 kW, +140%,   when 11 kW, +125%

Audio input impedance:             50Ω, 150Ω, 600Ω balanced

Audio input level:                   -10~+10 dBm

Primary power supply:              3-phase 4-wire 3×380 V±10%, AC 50 Hz±2 Hz

Total efficiency:                    ≥85%

Remote interfaces:                 All necessary remote control interfaces provide

Environment temperature:          0℃~40℃ for altitude below 2000 m, the upper  limit should be lowered by 2℃ for an increme-

nt of every 300 m

Environment humidity:              Max.90% non-condensing

Method of cooling:                 Forced air-cooling

Dimensions:                       2230×2000×950 mm (W×H×D)

Weight:                           0.85 ton approx


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