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    FU-1000C 2U 1000W FM Radio broadcast Transmitter +RDS Encoder+30M RF Cable+Four Bay DV2 Dipole Antenna Kit

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  • Date:2021-04-28
  • Technical characteristics: Product technology has the following technical features: The product technology has the following technical characteristics: The Transmitter Block Diagram: Technical Specifications: Electric ...
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Product Description

Technical characteristics:

Product technology has the following technical features:

The product technology has the following technical characteristics:

The Transmitter Block Diagram:

Technical Specifications:

Electrical Specifications:

  • Modulation:              Frequency Modulation
  • Frequency stabilization method and DDS frequency synthesizer
  • Nominal transmission frequency:           87 MHz ~ 108 MHz (other frequencies can be customized)
  • Frequency deviation             ± 200 Hz
  • The frequency step value is less than 10 KHz
  • The output impedance is less than 50 Ω
  • RF output connector L29 or other specified connector
  • The output power is 0 ~ 1000W continuously adjustable
  • The output power deviation is          ± 10W
  • RF efficiency                    > 75%
  • The pilot frequency deviation is ± 0.1 Hz
  • The residual component of S signal is less than 38 KHz and less than – 50  dB
  • 100% modulation frequency offset ± 75 KHz (maximum modulation frequency offset 112.5 KHz)
  • In band residual radiation < – 70 dB
  • Higher harmonic radiation < – 65 dB
  • Parasitic AM noise < – 50 dB

Audio Index

  • Analog audio input                    – 12 dBm to + 8 dBm
  • Analog audio input impedance:   600 Ω balance
  • SNR                                      ≥ 92 dB (1 KHz, 100% modulation)
  • Stereo resolution                  ≥ 73 dB (L → R, R → L)
  • Distortion                                   ≤ 0.01% (30 Hz ~ 15000 Hz, 100% modulation)
  • Frequency response: ± 0.01 dB (without weighting and de weighting); ± 0.05 dB (with weighting and de weighting)
  • Audio pre emphasis:             0 μ s / 25 μ s / 50 μ s / 75 μ s
  • Left and right channel level difference         ≤ 0.01 dB (100% modulation)

Digital Audio Index

  • Input level gain                     – 15 dB ~ + 15 dB in 0.1 dB steps
  • The input impedance of MPX is unbalanced at 10K Ω
  • MPX input level                    < 1.0vpp
  • The RDS input impedance is unbalanced at 10K Ω
  • RDS input level:               < 0 dBm
  • AES input impedance            < 110 Ω balance
  • AES input level:                     0.2 ~ 10vpp
  • AES sampling rate:                30 KHz ~ 96 KHz

Physical Index

  • The size of chassis is less than 2U (width 445 MM × height           88 MM × depth 500 MM)
  • The size of chassis is less than 2 u (width 11303 inch × height 2235 inch × depth 12700 inch)
  • The total weight is less than 13.5 Kg
  • The total weight is less than 29.7 lbs
  • High speed air cooling
  • Chassis standard: 19 inches


  • External control interface: TCP / IP, RS232, CAN bus
  • The synchronous broadcast function supports external 10 MHz / 1 PPS clock input
  • The protection mode supports high temperature and high VSWR protection

Work Environment

  • Relative humidity       < 95%
  • Altitude               < 4500 M
  • Power supply voltage: 100 VAC ~ 265 VAC / 47 Hz ~ 63 Hz
  • Operating ambient temperature – 10 ℃~ + 45 ℃

The severing of the increased busy traffic, it is now interested in various countries in Africa to insert RDS signals when constructing a transmitting station, so as to realize the most economical broadcast of some traffic information by means of coverage of FM signals.

b)     Traffic Program (TP):

With the TA and TP functions of RDS, RDS helps radio in-vehicle users to obtain traffic information faster, reduce congestion in the city, and increase the listening rate of the radio station.

c)     Alternative Frequency(AF):

RDS AF help drivers automatic frequency switching between the Relay stations.

Inserting the RDS signal in the transmitter can also automatically switch between multiple different frequency broadcasts in the same program. The receiver automatically switches the substitute frequency AF by detecting the PI code in the RDS signal to ensure that multiple relay stations are passed. Broadcast stations that achieve nationwide coverage achieve seamless coverage and seamless listening. When the car passes the signal superposition zone between the two frequencies, the AF function of the RDS will automatically switch to the same program at different frequencies.

  1. 3.      How is the RDS Alternative Frequency (AF) work?

Here is a video about ow the RDS AF replacement frequency works on youtube.

  1. 4.      What is needed to build an RDS broadcast?

A: A RDS Fm radio transmitter equipment kit list:

1)      FMUSER RDS-A encoder

2)      FMUSER FSN-1000W Fm transmitter with 57khz

3)      RDS encoding software

4)      Cable and antenna

  1. 5.      How can I build my rds channel on my Existing transmitter system?

1)      Confirm whether the current transmitter already has a 57khz input interface.

2)      Purchase FMUSER’s RDS-A encoder to insert your digital signal into your radio broadcast.

3)      Run the Rds software on your computer and insert your radio station logo, traffic information…

4)      Use a RDS radio to check the digital information you provide.

  1. 6.      Do I need to pay for your RDS software at an additional cost?

No, You just need to purchase FMUSER RDS-A encoder and FSN series transmitter, we provide RDS software for free.

  1. 7.      What is the different between RDS fm radio station and general radio on the radio?

The following three images illustrate how RDS can be used on an FM radio station; the latter two were taken when the radio was tuned to Nottingham radio station Trent FM. All the images are of the display on the SonyXDR-S1 DAB/FM/MW/LW portable radio.

Fmuser-Rds-A-Encoder-Radio-Station-Transmitter (8)
  1. 8.      What are the characteristics of the FMUSER RDS-A encoder, and what is the difference compared to innovonics RDS encoder?

Innovonics RDS encoder is a good products , The biggest difference should be the same function, and we offer more economical encoders.

Let’s look the the characteristics:

Technical Specifications

Supply voltage12 V DC stabilized
Supply current280 mA
Signal connectorsunbalanced BNC
Data connectors1x USB (port 1), 1x Ethernet (port 2, 3, 4)
Network protocols supportedHTTP, SNTP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, SNMP
USB speedsoftware switchable 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps
USB Mode1 stop bit, 8 data bits, no parity, (no flow control),

ASCII or UECP (SPB 490)TA switching software or external switchTA/EON1TA input TTL with 10 kΩ pull-up, level or falling edge activatedProgram sets 2Program set switching ASCII command, UECP command or external switchProgram switch input TTL with 10 kΩ pull-up, level controlledRDS Services supported



RDS signalSubcarrier frequency 57 kHzBandwidth ± 2.4 kHz (50 dBc)Output level adjust 0.0 to 4.0 V p-p in 256 stepsPhase shift adjuststereo transmissionFull range, in 9.5 deg. steps

Audio/MPX/Pilot inputRecommended load impedancemono< 10 kΩstereo MPX< 2 kΩRecommended MPX voltage 1.3 – 8.0 V p-pPassthrough voltage gain2 Hz – 100 kHz1 (0 dB)Pilot tone level min. 120 mV p-p

– recommended FM deviation

 6.8 kHzPilot PLL capture range 8 HzStereo encoder pilot frequency requiredstereo transmission19000 Hz ± 2 Hz

OutputOutput impedance 100 ΩRecommended load impedance > 70 Ω, < 1 nF, no DC offsetMax. output voltage (RDS + MPX) 9.0 V p-pRecommended RDS level 3 – 11 % of MPX

Appearance and Illustration

Fmuser-Rds-A-Encoder-Radio-Station-Transmitter (9)
Fmuser-Rds-A-Encoder-Radio-Station-Transmitter (10)
Number Name Explain
1 12V DC Power supply connector. See section 3.3 for details.
2 Ethernet Ethernet RJ-45 connector.

Use a standard (direct) cat 5 Ethernet cable for connection to the Ethernet switch, router or wall-socket.

The Ethernet control includes internal website (referenced as “Port 2”) and two independent user configurable general purpose ports (referenced as “Port 3” and “Port 4”) designated for remote control via TCP or UDP protocol.

The encoder operates also with no cable connected.


USB standard B type connector. This port is referenced as “Port 1”.

Use the USB for initial setup of the encoder or for its local control.

The encoder operates also with no cable connected.

4 Output BNC

RDS signal output to transmitter, modulated at 57 kHz subcarrier.

If the Loop/Side switch is set to the LOOP position, the Output is a sum of the RDS signal and the signal fed to the Input BNC connector.

5 Input BNC

Optional input for synchronization to the pilot tone or for mixing the RDS signal with existing modulation signal.

6 Loop/SIDE

Allows the input signal to be added to the output signal.


Optional logical inputs for direct control of some RDS services (TA, PROGRAM).

The connector is a standard 6-pin PS/2 type.

Four Bay DV2 antenna


1/4 wave DV2  antnena for 100w 300w 500w 600w 1000w 1kw FM transmitter



Now widely used in: 2G/3G cell phone coverage hotels, schools, hotels, railway stations, docks, office buildings, factories, residential quarters and other areas with wlan / wifi signal coverage, various wireless intercom system, short wavelength radio waves various ham frequencies are supported!

The cable supports:
The frequency 0-12G
Note: 1/2 what does it mean?
Is the outer diameter of the metallic shield of the feeder units of inches, regardless of the inner core and coaxial .1 / 2 refers to the outer diameter of the metal shield is 1.27 cm feeder 7/8 refers to the feeder outer diameter of the metallic shield is 2.22 cm, the outer insulation is not including.

Depending on the wireless transmission of electromagnetic waves in the frequency in the feeder, the attenuation of the signal intensity is different. For example: the electromagnetic frequency: 890 — 920M, attenuation at 1/2 feeder is: 7.5 – 7 .7dB/100 meters. 7/8 feeder attenuation of approximately: 4.2 – 4 .5/100 meters.

If you need longer cable, please let me know.

Package includes:

1*RDS-A Encoder with cable
1*1000W fm transmitter
4*DV2 dipole  antenna

1*Power soplitter

4*Jump cables
1*30meters cable with connector

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