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    FMUSER FU-2205 HD Encoder H.264/AVC MPEG-4 SDI YPbPr CVBS HDMI in for broadcasting

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  • Date:2021-11-17
  • 1.Overview: 1.1 Encoder specially designed for IPTV and digital TV The FMUSER FU-2205 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD encoder is a professional IPTV and digital TV HD audio and video encoding equipment. It is compatible with most mainstream media vide ...
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Product Description


1.1 Encoder specially designed for IPTV and digital TV

The FMUSER FU-2205 MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HD encoder is a professional IPTV and digital TV HD audio and video encoding equipment. It is compatible with most mainstream media video input interfaces on the market, supports various high-definition formats such as 1080P/I, 720P, and adopts audio Re-sampling technology, which can change the sampling rate of the input audio signal, and supports the output of audio signals of all sampling rates. Meet your needs for high performance and high compatibility.

1.2 Designed for long-term operation

It is suitable for 1U racks, and can also be used in most environments other than racks. This reflects its high-quality characteristics. High-strength and stable operation can 24/7 constant work with the operative status.

1.3 Design the most convenient setting method for you

The front panel can be controlled manually or remotely through the computer’s network management software.


2.1 High-level video coding algorithms

The FMUSER FU2205 uses the highest level of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level 4.0 video encoding, advanced video preprocessing algorithms, and MPEG-1 audio encoding to achieve lossless video transmission and high-quality audio. Independent hardware encoding operation. Make the machine run very stable and high performance.

2.2 Any analog&digital audio and video inputs are supported

Contains 4 signal interface inputs, namely SDI, YPbPr, CVBS, HDMI, its rich input interface can be used with all front-end video equipment, and 1 unbalanced stereo L/R BNC interface audio input.

2.3 Transmission content encryption technology

Support HDCP (High bandwidth digital content protection) high bandwidth digital content protection technology to protect your transmission content from being stolen and leaked by hackers.

2.4 Multiple TV signal formats

Support PAL and NTSC video formats, suitable for broadcasting digital system standards in different regions.

2.5 Multiple HD video formats

It supports up to 1080i/p, 720p and other high-definition formats. 1080i is a high-definition TV signal format. The high-definition resolution format up to 1080p ensures that your picture is high-quality and compatible with the multi-resolution settings of different devices.

2.6 Easy control from panel buttons

Keep the best working status of the encoder by front panel monitoring: input interface, power on/off, warning lights, and LED display. Various control methods make it easy to set the encoder and operate without delay. You can quickly monitor the working status anytime, anywhere,  the supported computer network management functions enable an easier encoder setting for FMUSER FU2205.

3. Application scenarios:

3.1 Best for application of IPTV and Digital TV

Its high integration and cost-effective design make it widely used in various digital distribution systems. Television broadcasting satellites use geostationary satellites (also known as geostationary satellites) to broadcast television programs to predetermined areas of the earth.

  • Cable TV digital front-end, satellite digital TV broadcasting

The front end of the cable TV is the cable TV room. It is a system from receiving satellite signals to processing signals, and finally converting them into analog TV signals and transmitting them to the TV.

  • Terrestrial digital TV

Digital terrestrial television  is a technology for terrestrial television in which land-based (terrestrial) television stations broadcast television content by radio waves to televisions in consumers’ residences in a digital format.

  • Hotel’s internet IPTV

The hotel TV system IPTV is a kind of interactive network TV, which is a streaming media service based on the IP network. The core of the hotel TV system is how to provide users with streaming media services.

  • Etc.

4.Technical Specification:

InputSD CVBSBNC Interface
AudioLeft / Right STEREO Unbalance Audio
HD SDIBNC Interface
HD HDMIHigh Definition Multimedia Interface
HD YPbPrBNC Interface
Video Coding4:2:0 encoding H.264 [email protected] [email protected]
H.264 Adaptive Field-Based (AFF)
H.264 Field-Based
FHD:1920X1080X60i/p, 1920X1080X50i/p, 1280x720x60p/50p, 720x480x60i (NTSC), 720X576X50i (PAL)
StandardISO/IEC 14496-10 (H.264 MPEG-4 AVC)
Audio CodingBit Rate128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320, 384Kbps
PropertyMPEG-1 Layer2
Output2xASITS DVB Standard, BNC Interface
IPIP/UDP (TS Over IP), Unicast / Multicast
Bit Rate1 to 20 Mbps (4:2:0)
ControlNMSNetwork Management Software (Ethernet port, RJ45), Computer keyboard + LCD
General FeatureSize482mmx280mmx44mm
Temperature Range0~45℃ (Operation); -20~80℃ (Storage)
Power100-240VAC , 50Hz, 25w

4.Network Management:

4.1 Video Input Setting:

4.2Output Bitrate and SDT Setting:

4.3 IP Output (Unicast /Multicast):

5.Package Include:

1pcs FU-2205 HD H.264 Encoder.

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