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    FMUSER FU-1000C 2U 1000W FM Radio broadcast Transmitter

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  • Date:2021-07-09
  • FU-1000C 2U 1000W FM Transmitter This 1000W FM broadcast transmitter you don’t want to miss (shouldn’t miss as well): FMUSER FU-1000C 1KW FM radio broadcast transmitter. FU-1000C FM radio broadcast transmitter of FMUSER is ab ...
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Product Description

FU-1000C 2U 1000W FM Transmitter

This 1000W FM broadcast transmitter you don’t want to miss (shouldn’t miss as well): FMUSER FU-1000C 1KW FM radio broadcast transmitter.

FU-1000C FM radio broadcast transmitter of FMUSER is able to broadcast more than you can imagine.

When purchasing an FM stereo transmitter, what elements should you pay attention to? Most people will consider the brand first, followed by the price. In fact, some parameters of an FM broadcasting transmitter are also important reference conditions for purchase. FMUSER hereby takes FU-1000C as an example in the following content to introduce several important parameters you should consider before purchasing a stereo FM transmitter.

You can use the accurate data obtained by FMUSER test team after testing FU-1000C radio FM transmitter as a reference to choose other FM stereo transmitters, but FMUSER sincerely hopes that you can benefit from your choice. If you think the above information are not complete enough and want to get more information about FMUSER FU-1000C high power FM transmitter, please continue to read!


Why Most Broadcasters Choose FU-1000C FM radio station transmitter?

Please note that the value of the FU-1000C FM audio transmitter is much more than the above parameters. The FU-1000C broadcast FM transmitter is an high power FM transmitter equipped with professional audio equipment and digital audio standard (AES-3). Its professional FM broadcast capability can make you so blown away by the efficiency of it.

FU-1000C FM broadcasting transmitter adopts the way of analog audio signal output, with the advantages of high information density, accurate resolution, simple operation mode (analog signal processing can be realized only through analog circuit components), which can help you quickly build a professional radio station

The embedded MPX interface truly realizes the two functions of high-quality music input and high-quality audio mixing, so that you can enjoy the ultimate music enjoyment brought by high-quality stereo audio processor peripherals

FU-1000C broadcast FM transmitter equipped with RDS input interface makes your broadcast richer. You can communicate with your audience in addition to audio so that your audience can get more information about your radio broadcast!

Technical characteristics:

Product technology has the following technical features:

The product technology has the following technical characteristics:

The Transmitter Block Diagram:

Technical Specifications:

Electrical Specifications:

  • Modulation:              Frequency Modulation
  • Frequency stabilization method and DDS frequency synthesizer
  • Nominal transmission frequency:           87 MHz ~ 108 MHz (other frequencies can be customized)
  • Frequency deviation             ± 200 Hz
  • The frequency step value is less than 10 KHz
  • The output impedance is less than 50 Ω
  • RF output connector L29 or other specified connector
  • The output power is 0 ~ 1000W continuously adjustable
  • The output power deviation is          ± 10W
  • RF efficiency                    > 75%
  • The pilot frequency deviation is ± 0.1 Hz
  • The residual component of S signal is less than 38 KHz and less than – 50  dB
  • 100% modulation frequency offset ± 75 KHz (maximum modulation frequency offset 112.5 KHz)
  • In band residual radiation < – 70 dB
  • Higher harmonic radiation < – 65 dB
  • Parasitic AM noise < – 50 dB

Audio Index

  • Analog audio input                    – 12 dBm to + 8 dBm
  • Analog audio input impedance:   600 Ω balance
  • SNR                                      ≥ 92 dB (1 KHz, 100% modulation)
  • Stereo resolution                  ≥ 73 dB (L → R, R → L)
  • Distortion                                   ≤ 0.01% (30 Hz ~ 15000 Hz, 100% modulation)
  • Frequency response: ± 0.01 dB (without weighting and de weighting); ± 0.05 dB (with weighting and de weighting)
  • Audio pre emphasis:             0 μ s / 25 μ s / 50 μ s / 75 μ s
  • Left and right channel level difference         ≤ 0.01 dB (100% modulation)

Digital Audio Index

  • Input level gain                     – 15 dB ~ + 15 dB in 0.1 dB steps
  • The input impedance of MPX is unbalanced at 10K Ω
  • MPX input level                    < 1.0vpp
  • The RDS input impedance is unbalanced at 10K Ω
  • RDS input level:               < 0 dBm
  • AES input impedance            < 110 Ω balance
  • AES input level:                     0.2 ~ 10vpp
  • AES sampling rate:                30 KHz ~ 96 KHz

Physical Index

  • The size of chassis is less than 2U (width 445 MM × height           88 MM × depth 500 MM)
  • The size of chassis is less than 2 u (width 11303 inch × height 2235 inch × depth 12700 inch)
  • The total weight is less than 13.5 Kg
  • The total weight is less than 29.7 lbs
  • High speed air cooling
  • Chassis standard: 19 inches


  • External control interface: TCP / IP, RS232, CAN bus
  • The synchronous broadcast function supports external 10 MHz / 1 PPS clock input
  • The protection mode supports high temperature and high VSWR protection

Work Environment

  • Relative humidity       < 95%
  • Altitude               < 4500 M
  • Power supply voltage: 100 VAC ~ 265 VAC / 47 Hz ~ 63 Hz
  • Operating ambient temperature – 10 ℃~ + 45 ℃

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