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    FMUSER FBE300 H.264/H.265 Magicoder Video Audio Converter Transcoder Media Transcoding HTTP RTSP RTMP UDP RTP HLS P-P SDK Transcoder Video Over IP Encoder, IP Decoder

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  • Date:2019-11-01
  • FMUSER FBE300 Magicoder Video Transcoder  Media Plex Hardware Transcoding *Some of the functions mentioned in this manual are only applicable to the corresponding models, not all listed models, so this manual cannot be used as a commitment for all f ...
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Product Description

FMUSER FBE300 Magicoder Video Transcoder  Media Plex

Hardware Transcoding


*Some of the functions mentioned in this manual are only applicable to the corresponding models, not all listed models, so this manual cannot be used as a commitment for all functions of all models.



In the continual update of IPTV video technology, have you encountered the following problems ?

— Target device does not support the format of raw data ?

— The capacity of the target device is not enough, the capacity of the original file must be reduced to accommodate the new format ?

— New devices are not compatible with the original file type ?

— The buffering problem of streaming video needs to be solved urgently ?

— The protocol of the existing device needs to be changed ?

— System device encoding needs to be changed ?

— Push video to the video platform ?


In recent years, due to the popularity and development of IPTV video, video types have begun to diversify, with various formats, protocols, resolutions, device interfaces, etc., and our original devices always seem to be unable to keep up with the latest technology.

Replacing the original equipment is time consuming and labor intensive and costly.

In order to solve this kind of problem, FMUSER is now launching a new FBE300 transcoder to solve all your troubles with IPTV video.


As an encoder, the FBE300 can encode video files into IP video streams and push them to the network for use in public digital signage.

As a decoder, the FBE300 can decode IP video streams into HDMI HD video for display and online video playback, also can be a set-top box for use with a TV.

As a transcoder, the FBE300 can converts IP video streams to other formats/protocols/resolutions and re-streams the converted IP video stream to the network. Widely used in TV operators, telecom operators, system integration, can greatly reduce the cost of system replacement.

As a player, the FBE300 can play video files from HDMI output in HD or on digital display ads.

The FBE300 can also be dual-stream mixed input for simultaneous display of large and small screens for distance education, telemedicine, program commentary and more.

FBE300 can also be used for program recording and storage. It downloads and stores IP video streams and is widely used in program recording, monitoring and playback, and personal network video downloading.

FBE300 is the only small device on the market that integrates encoding, transcoding, decoding, playing, storing and mixing. Due to its compact size, economical price and complete functions, FBE300 is very suitable for system integrators and individuals and provide a high quality video streaming experience for all users.



— Small size and easy to carry.

— It is the only transcoding device that integrates encoding, decoding and transcoding functions on the market.

— Selectable video and audio simultaneous output or single audio output.

— Supports the integration of two streams of video into one picture, which is output by IP stream and HDMI.

— Supports simultaneous transcoding of two video streams, RTMP streaming to video platforms, streaming media servers or third-party software such as YouTube, fackbook, Wowza, FMS, Ustream, Nginx, VLC, vMix, NVR, etc.

— Freely convert video encoding format, resolution and protocol to reduce bandwidth usage.

— Precise frame rate control, no frame loss in real time, low latency.

— Supports converting video files to HDMI or IP streaming output from USB storage devices.

— Support CBR/VBR code stream control.

— Support web page setting parameters and support multiple language switching.

— Each machine passes the strict aging test before leaving the factory, and the aging process is 72 hours of continuous full load.

— Low power supply design with less than 6W power consumption; optional Micro USB interface / DC 12V power supply.

— Brings the operation fault recovery function, it will automatically restart when it detects that the operation is not normal.

— Support one key to restore factory settings.

FBE300-13 FBE300-12



Front Panel:


①USB Input/Output ②3.5mm Stereo Audio Line in  ③HDMI Video Out  ④Reset to Factory ⑤RJ45 Ethernet


Rear Panel:


①Micro-USB power in 5V  ②DC Power in 12V

Application Scenario:


Resolution Conversion

By reducing video resolution, this solution can provide low-resolution video for slow Internet users. For example: FBE300 transcoder can convert [email protected] video to [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected], and push it to live platform or streaming server, so it can reduce bandwidth usage.


Encoding Format Conversion

This solution can improve the usage of broadband and improve device compatibility by converting the encoding format to the most popular formats like MPEG-4, H.264, H.265.  For example: FBE300 converts MPEG2 format which commonly used in broadcast television set-top boxes to H.265 video and AAC audio (the most popular code) streams, and stream them to live platforms or streaming servers.

At the same level of clarity, MPEG-4, H.264 and H.265 use lower bandwidth than MPEG-2, and compatibility is higher than MPEG-2.


Code Stream Compression

By reducing video streams, this solution can provide low-stream video for slow Internet users.

For example, the FBE300 transcoder can convert 8Mbps video to 2Mbps and stream it to the live platform or streaming server to reduce the bandwidth usage.


Multi-Screen Multi-Protocol

This solution can be applied to different scenarios. The FBE300 transcoder supports simultaneous output of RTMP, RTSP, HTTP-TS and M3U8 streams . It can adapt to different streaming modes, such as live broadcast, on-demand and broadcasting etc.


Multi-Screen Multi-Resolution

This solution is mostly used to meet the resolution requirements of different screens like TVs, notebooks and mobile phones. The FBE300 transcoder can output HDMI, network streams,  and this two streams support different resolutions for output. This can be viewed on different size screens to reduce the usage of bandwidth and reduce buffering, so that to improve video viewing speed.


USB to Network Stream

This solution is used to push video files to web platform. The FBE300 transcoder converts video files from a USB flash drive to an IP video stream, then transmit to different locations via different protocols.



Network Stream to USB File

This solution can be used for personal network video download, program recording, monitor playback etc. The network stream video can be converted into a video file and stored in a USB flash drive for later program video replay or rebroadcast.


Internet Audio Transmission

This solution enables long-distance audio network transmission by using the FBE200 encoder and the FBE300 transcoder, which is commonly used for audio transmission between the studio room and the transmitter tower. The audio program source is streamed to the audio service via the FBE200 encoder , and decoded by the FBE300 into a lossless audio output to the transmitter.


Screen in Screen

This scheme is used to combine two IP stream videos into one video. The FBE300 can combine two IP streaming videos into one video according to the compositing method and screen size you want, and output them via IP and HDMI.


Two In and Two Out

This scheme is used to simultaneously transcode two IP streaming videos. The FBE300 can simultaneously convert two IP stream videos into the resolution, encoding format, and stream size transfer protocol you want.


Outdoor Advertising Screen Application

This solution enables long-range wireless transmission by using the FBE200 encoder and the FBE300 decoder. The commercial advertisement

program source is streamed to the network by the FBE200 encoder, and decoded by the FBE300 into a high-definition video output to the outdoor advertising screen.


iOS Dedicated Video Protocol HLS

This solution is used to solve different protocol compatibility problems of different devices. FBE300 can convert MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265 protocol video streams into iOS system specific HLS protocols to meet the needs of different users.


Application Field:

–Telecom Operators

–Surveillance System

–Video Recording

–Digital Signage Advertising

–Digital TV program Transmission

–Digital TV Broadcasting System Set Top Box

–The Head End System of the Digital TV Branch Network

–The Edge of the Digital TV Backbone

–Hotel TV System

–CATV Broadcasting System

–IPTV and OTT Front-end Systems

–Video Conference

–Replace HD video Capture Card

–Live Broadcasting

–Teaching / Campus Broadcasting

–Recording System

–NVR, Network Video Recorder

–DVD Player

–Personal Video Download

–TV Station

–FM Radio Station








Input protocol

Support RTSP, RTP/UDP multicast, RTP/UDP unicast, HTTP, standard TS stream, RTMP pull stream, HLS (m3u8) protocol, etc.


Output protocol

Support RTSP, RTP/UDP multicast, RTP/UDP unicast, HTTP, standard TS stream, RTMP push stream, RTMP pull stream, HLS (m3u8) protocol, etc.


Input resolution

Supports up to1920x1080 resolution input and is backward compatible with all resolution inputs


Output resolution

Supports up to 1920×1080 resolution output and supports all standard resolution outputs down


Video decoding

Support H.265/H.264, MPEGII and other mainstream video decoding


Video coding

Support H.264 encoding algorithm, output stream support 50k bps to 12M bps adjustable


Audio decoding

Support AAC-LC, AAC-HE, MP3, MP2 and other audio decoding


Audio sample rate

Support 44.1K Hz, 48K Hz and other adaptive sources, support resampling


Audio coding

Support AAC-LC, AAC-HE, MP3, MP2, etc., code rate 48k bps to 256k bps adjustable


HDMI output

Compatible with HDMI 1.4a HD signal interface, support for decoding output


Audio output

3.5mm audio output interface, support 3.5mm audio line output


Network Interface

RJ45 100M network interface Supports simultaneous video stream input and output


USB interface

USB3.0 interface, support for external USB flash drive or mobile hard drive


LED indicator

Power indicator (red) and network cable connection status light (green)


Input voltage

DC 12V


Working environment

Working temperature: 0-40 °C Operating humidity: less than 95%

Schematic Diagram:


Background Management:


Packing List:

1PC FBE300 transcoder

1PC Power Adapter

1PC HDMI cable

1PC Audio Line


Order Guide:

Model No.







Small box h.264 1 x HDMI or SDI in, 3.5mm Stereo in


Small box h.264 1 x HDMI or SDI in, 3.5mm Stereo in

2.4g wifi



Small box h.264 / h.265 1 x HDMI or SDI in, 3.5mm Stereo in

2.4g wifi



19’ 1U Rack h.264 4 x HDMI or SDI in, 3.5mm Stereo in


19’ 1U Rack h.264 / h.265 4 x HDMI or SDI in, 3.5mm Stereo in


19’ 3U Rack h.264 16 x HDMI or SDI in, 3.5mm Stereo in


19’ 3U Rack h.264 / h.265 16 x HDMI or SDI in, 3.5mm Stereo in

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