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    FMUSER 5KW/5000W FM Transmitter FM Broadcast Radio Station +4BAY DV1 High gain stainless steel FM Antenna+60m 7/8 Cable Kit (RDS Encoder for choose+300USD)

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  • Date:2020-07-29
  • FMUSER 0- 5KW /5000W FM Transmitter FM Radio Broadcast Station 4U+4BAY DV1Antenna+60m 7/8 Cable Kit(RDS Encoder for choose+300USD) OVERVIEW: FMUSER FSN-5000T 5kw fm transmitter was created by the FMUSER development for compact 4U size ...
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Product Description

FMUSER 0- 5KW /5000W FM Transmitter FM Radio Broadcast

Station 4U+4BAY DV1Antenna+60m 7/8 Cable Kit(RDS Encoder for choose+300USD)


FMUSER FSN-5000T 5kw fm transmitter was created by the FMUSER development for compact 4U size high efficiency fm broadcasting. This 5000w fm transmitter has high quality and attractive price, which is very suitable for economical long-distance transmission fm radio station.

FMUSER 5KW FM radio transmitter features by its human-friendly touch screen operation interface, all the parameters can be operated on the touch screen.

The advanced digital technology both analog and AES-EBU digital signals can be input, high audio quality hearing like CD.

FMUSER compact 5000W fm broadcast transmitter combined of exciter, RF amplifier, filter, power supply, all in one 4U high 19-inch standard chassis to improving the overall transmitter efficiency, higher reliability and easier operation.

If you are looking for a economic high power far broadcasting fm transmitter for your radio station, FMUSER compact 5kw fm transmitter is your perfect choice.



Digital LCD touch screen, Simple operate all system parameters like frequency, stereo and mono, volume, power amplifier tube temperature, audio signal UV meter, forward power, reflected power, modulation mode, pre-emphasis, working voltage etc.

2)Compact 4U Size:

4U 19-inch thickened aluminum alloy chassis, not only sturdy but also excellent in heat dissipation. Compact size can save a lot of shipping fee.

3) Accurate PLL frequency:

Accurate PLL frequency generation system can ensure that the frequency does not drift forever, built-in high-quality professional stereo encoder.

4) 0-5000W RF Power Adjustable:

Excellent power AGC balance control system, the power output can be adjusted from 0 to 5000W power.

5) Can Work With RCA / RDS Encoder:

Support external input modulation RDS or SCA signal. Add 300USD to get a RDS encoder .

6) Perfect Digital Audio Sound:

Not only support analog audio input , but also support AES-EBU digital audio input, 24Bit 192KHz sampling rate input range, true lossless audio.

7) Controlled By Computer :

 Equipped with RS232 communication interface, users can control all operations through the transmitter communication protocol.

8) NXP LDMOS Transistor, Multiple Modules:

The RF power amplifier part is synthesized by multiple modules, and the amplification module uses NXP LDMOS transistor BLF188XR. Able to withstand severe load mismatch exceeding 65:1 VSWR at 5dB compression point.

9) Easy Maintenance:

All circuits are designed with split modules, and the module itself has a status indicator to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. The original RF module status monitoring and fault prompt. If a module fault occurs, simply follow the system prompt to replace the specified number of module groups.

10) Record Alarm Information

● Automatically record the latest 9 alarm information for troubleshooting in the future.


1). Community FM Radio Stations

1). Private FM Radio Stations

2). Government FM Radio Stations

3). City FM Radio Stations

4). FM Radio Station for Election

5). FM Radio Station for Advertising

 1)RF Part:

Output Power:5KW

Frequency :87.5-108MHz

Frequency step :10KHz

Modulation : FM

Peak deviation :±75KHz

Frequency stability : <±100Hz

Frequency stabilization method :PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis

RF output power : 0~5KW ±0.5dB

In-band residual wave: <-70dB

Higher harmonic :<-65dB

Parasitic amplitude modulation :<-79dB

RF output impedance :50Ω

RF output connector :EIA 7/8 (IF45)

RF efficiency: > 75%

2) Audio Part:

  • Analog audio input: -12dBm~+8dBm
  • Audio level gain :-15dB~15dB step 0.5dB
  • Analog audio input impedance :600Ω balanced XLR
  • AES/EBU input impedance : 110Ω balanced XLR
  • AES/EBU input level : 0.2~10Vpp
  • AES/EBU sampling rate :30KHz~192KHz 24BIT
  • RDS/SCA input unbalanced : BNC
  • RDS/SCA input level gain : -15dB~15dB step 0.5dB
  • Pre-emphasis :0μs, 50μs, 75μs
  • Frequency response :±0.1dB 30~15000Hz
  • Stereo separation :> 60dB
  • S/N ratio stereo :> 70dB 30~15000Hz
  • S/N ratio mono :> 75dB 30~15000Hz
  • Audio distortion : <0.05%

3) General Part:

  • Power supply voltage range: single-phase AC 220V / 3-phase 4-wire AC380V
  • Power consumption : <8500VA
  • Working environment temperature range : -20~35℃
  • Weight :50KG
  • Cooling method :Forced air cooling
  • Working environment altitude :<4500M
  • Dimensions :483 x 720 x 176mm (excluding handles and protrusions)
  • Package Include:
  • 1*5000w FM Transmitter
  • 1*60m 7/8 RF cable
  • 4*DV1High gain stainless steel Antenna
  • 1*4bay Power splitter with 4 pcs 6m Jump cables
  • 1.Audio cable

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