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    FMUSER 2U 200W FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter+DV2 Antenna with 30m cable Kit (Add RDS Encoder+300USD)

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  • Date:2021-06-10
  • FMUSER FU-200A 1U 200W FM Transmitter This is a 200W FM broadcast transmitter you don’t want to miss (shouldn’t miss as well): FMUSER FU-200A 200W FM radio broadcast transmitter.As the saying goes, if you want to choose the complete broadc ...
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Product Description

FMUSER FU-200A 1U 200W FM Transmitter

This is a 200W FM broadcast transmitter you don’t want to miss (shouldn’t miss as well):

FMUSER FU-200A 200W FM radio broadcast transmitter.

As the saying goes, if you want to choose the complete broadcasting equipment on sale, choose FMUSER; if you want to choose the best low power FM radio transmitter with a budget price, choose FU-200A.
After a long time of the paramedical test by our technicians, this 200 W FM broadcast transmitter is well-performed in many aspects, especially in terms of performance and practicability. FU-200A is one of the best low-power FM transmitters designed for broadcast personnel and groups. It is also one of the best sales FM transmitters for radio broadcast, especially applicable for the church broadcast such as the drive in church, church parking lot, etc. FU-200A can be widely used in many other FM broadcast scenarios such as drive in movie broadcast and drive in theater. If you are in a small town, FU-200A is really a good hardware choice for regional FM radio broadcast. You will really benefit from the powerful performance of the FU-200A low power FM broadcast transmitter.

In terms of appearance, this silver-black streamlined design compact 200W FM radio transmitter may not satisfy you, but in terms of price, it can definitely attract you. FU-200A has been applied in many medium, and small FM radio stations. This is due to its budget price and excellent product quality. Being a high-quality FM radio broadcast transmitter, the FU-200A FM broadcast transmitter has been successfully attracted many radio station operators around the world.
If you’re looking for the best low power FM transmitter for radio broadcast, choose FU-200A. If you’re looking for the best low power FM transmitter for drive in movie, choose FU-200A. If you’re looking for the best low power FM transmitter for the church parking lot, choose FU-200A. If you’re looking for the best low power FM transmitter for church broadcast, choose FU-200A.

FU-200A achieve efficiency and popularity among the broadcasters through its amazing FM broadcast audio quality. Being budget and practical are two overwhelming characters of FU-200A. Although we don’t know whether FU-200A is the best low power FM transmitter in the world, one thing is for sure, FU-200A stands for the real low power broadcast quality for every FM radio station around the world.
In a word, the FU-200A FM radio broadcast transmitter of FMUSER is able to broadcast more than you can imagine.
Let’s see why most people recommend this 200W FM broadcast transmitter!
When purchasing an FM stereo transmitter, what elements should you pay attention to? Why not choose a 150W low power FM transmitter or a 100W low-power FM transmitter, but instead, choosing an FMUSER 200W broadcast transmitter? What should I know before starting a plan on purchasing an FM broadcast transmitter for radio broadcast? Any information I can get about buying an FM radio broadcast transmitter? Most people will consider the brand first, followed by the price. In fact, some parameters of an FM broadcasting transmitter are also important reference conditions for purchase. FMUSER hereby takes FU-200A as an example in the following content to introduce several important parameters you should consider before purchasing a stereo FM transmitter.
First, you should consider its signal-to-noise ratio( AKA: SNR). When you or your customers run a radio station, what you want most is to let all the audience listen to the radio signal with little or no noise. If your radio station can’t send high fidelity signal, but full of noise signals, you may lose your loyal audience! FMUSER’s FU-200A is an FM stereo transmitter with a high signal-to-noise ratio (≥70 dB). Just get a budget FU-200A FM broadcasting transmitter for your radio station, and you don’t need to worry about all kinds of annoying broadcast noise anymore!

Second, you should consider the stereo resolution (AKA: Separation). This is a common-sense recognized by broadcasting experts: if the stereo separation is poor, the stereo sense will be weakened. The minimum stereo separation index stipulated by the International Electro technical Commission is greater than or equal to 40 dB at 500 Hz, which is also the value that most FM broadcasting transmitters can achieve. However, the FU-200A stereo FM transmitter of FMUSER can achieve more than 55 dB at 1000 Hz! Do you want your radio audience to receive great stereo sound from the radio station you own? The FU-200A FM transmitter for radio broadcast is still your best choice!
What’s more, you should consider the distortion. As you know, not every signal you input to the stereo FM transmitter can be completely transmitted from the same position. Although the amplifiers of some imprecise FM audio transmitters undertake the function of signal amplification, they will also cause signal distortion. According to the complex distortion test results of FMUSER’s technical team, the distortion test result of the FU-200A FM audio transmitter is less than 0.05% at 30 Hz~15000 Hz, which is far lower than that of the ordinary broadcasting FM transmitter. This is such a blessing for those who pursue perfect audio quality from the radio FM transmitter!
Of course, you can use the accurate data obtained by the FMUSER test team after testing the FU-200A radio FM transmitter as a reference to choose other FM stereo transmitters, but FMUSER sincerely hopes that you can benefit from your choice. If you think the above information is not complete enough and want to get more information about FMUSER FU-200A high power FM transmitter, please continue to read!
Why Most Broadcasters Choose FU-200A FM radio station transmitter?
Please note that the value of the FU-200A FM audio transmitter is much more than the above parameters. The FU-200A broadcast FM transmitter is a low power FM transmitter equipped with a USB interface. But its professional FM broadcast capability can make you so blown away by the broadcast efficiency of it.

The embedded USB interface truly realizes the function of human-transmitter interaction, just with a few steps in a few minutes: take out your USB, plug it into the transmitter, use the jog dial, and the only thing left is to play the music! Quite easy, right? That’s true, with this 200 W FM broadcast transmitter, you can have the high-quality customized audio enjoyment brought by FMUSER FU-200A
FU-200A is the low power broadcast FM transmitter equipped with an RDS input interface, which allows you to explore more of your broadcast density (RCA input is also supported). You can communicate with your audience with information in words in addition to audio signals so that your audience can get more information about your radio broadcast!
FU-200A low power FM transmitter is equipped with front jog dial input, which is committed to designing for an excellent user experience. Though this broadcast equipment is complicated in matters of operation and structure, it is such a gospel for someone, especially for the users who have strong antipathy towards those hard-to-use broadcast equipment, the jog dial still makes the equipment operation become more convenient.
In terms of protection, the FU-200A FM stereo broadcast transmitter can efficiently avoid being affected by external and internal issues, for example, in the aspect of over-heated temperature, here is what traditional FM broadcast transmitter will be: the working temperature gets higher and higher and won’t stop until the transmitter burns down.

Instead, the FU-200A FM radio transmitter will automatically become self-protected in the over-heated temperature, and additionally, its self-protection is still on when the standing wave ratio gets higher due to the mismatched connections of the FM broadcast antennas. So choose FU-200A for your radio station means saving your time cost and improving work efficiency. The FU-200A FM stereo broadcast transmitter has the characteristics of durability and practicality, which can effectively improve the actual endurance of your radio station and can help you build a comprehensive radio signal coverage network in a large area.
What? The information above is not enough? Let’s take a look at the technical parameters of the FU-200A FM transmitter for radio broadcasts observed by our engineers!
The product technology has the following technical characteristics:
,greatly extend the operability of the transmitter.
Electrical Index
Modulation:              Frequency Modulation
Frequency Stabilization Method:                 PLL Phase-locked loop
Nominal Transmission Frequency:          87 MHz ~ 108 MHz (other frequencies can be customized)
Frequency Deviation             ± 75 Hz
The Frequency Step Value:               50 KHz
The Output Impedance:             50 Ω
RF Output Connector:                N-K or other specified connector
The Output Power:                0 ~200 W continuously adjustable
The Output Power Deviation:                 ± 10 W
RF Efficiency:             > 75%
Pilot Frequency Deviation:               ± 0.1 Hz
Harmonic Radiation Suppression:                <-60 db
Internal Residual Wave Radiation:                <-65 dB
High-Temporal Harmonic Radiation:                 <-60 db
Parasitic Modulation Noise:              <-50 db
Audio Index
Audio Input Interface:                XLR / USB
Audio Input Level:                 <1 Vpp
Sign Noise Ratio:             ≥ 70 dB (1 KHz, 100% modulation)
Stereo Separation:                ≥ 55 db (L → R, R → L)
Distortion:                 ≤0.05% (30 Hz ~ 15000 Hz, 100% modulation)
Frequency Response:                  30 ~ 15000 Hz
Audio Preload:                50 μs / 75 μs optional
Left And Right Channel Level Difference:                ≤0.05 dB (100% modulation)
Physical Index
Chassis Size :             1 U (length 435 mm × width 300 mm × height 50 mm)
Chassis Size:              1 U (length 17.1 inch × width 11.8 inch × height 2 inch)
Machine Weight:             3.8 kg
Machine Weight:             8.3 lbs
Heat Dissipation Mode:              Air-cooling
Chassis Standard:                  19 inches
Other Index
External Control Interface:               RS232
The Protection Mode:                 high temperature and high VSWR protection supported
Working Environment
Relative Humidity:                 <95%
Altitude Height:               <4500 M
Power Supply Voltage:                200 VAC ~ 240 VAC / 50 Hz
Run Ambient Temperature:              -10 ° C ~ + 45 ° C
Maximum Power Consumption:             250 W
Appearance and Illustration

12V DC
Power supply connector. See section 3.3 for details.
Ethernet RJ-45 connector.
Use a standard (direct) cat 5 Ethernet cable for connection to the Ethernet switch, router or wall-socket.
The Ethernet control includes internal website (referenced as “Port 2”) and two independent user configurable general purpose ports (referenced as “Port 3” and “Port 4”) designated for remote control via TCP or UDP protocol.
The encoder operates also with no cable connected.
USB standard B type connector. This port is referenced as “Port 1”.
Use the USB for initial setup of the encoder or for its local control.
The encoder operates also with no cable connected.
4 Output BNC
RDS signal output to transmitter, modulated at 57 kHz subcarrier.
If the Loop/Side switch is set to the LOOP position, the Output is a sum of the RDS signal and the signal fed to the Input BNC connector.
5 Input BNC
Optional input for synchronization to the pilot tone or for mixing the RDS signal with existing modulation signal.
6 Loop/SIDE
Allows the input signal to be added to the output signal.
Optional logical inputs for direct control of some RDS services (TA, PROGRAM).
The connector is a standard 6-pin PS/2 type.

DV2 antenna


1/4 wave DV2  antnena for 100w 300w 500w 600w 1000w 1kw FM transmitter



Packing List

1*200W fm transmitter
1*DV2 antenna
1*30meters cable with connector
1*Audio Cable
Optional :1*RDS-A Encoder with cable

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