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    NEW ST-15M FM Radio broadcast transmitter PLL 88-108MHZ

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  • Date:2012-03-19
  • New Function:MP3, radio, insert U disk, MMC, SD card's ...
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NEW fmuser ST-15M FM Radio broadcast transmitter PLL88-108MHZ

New Arrival ST-15M 1.5W / 15W FM Broadcast Radio Transmitter  PLL 88-108MHz

with Bluetooth Speaker MP3 player function cover 2KM-4KM

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The first FM broadcast Transmitter with Bluetooth SpeakerMP3 player in the world.

Just plug into your USB flash disk , the FM Transmitter can broadcast the audio sound immediatly.



1. Power supply voltage: 12V

2. Operating Current: 4A

3. Frequency range: 87 ~ 108Mhz center frequency 98MHZ
4. Frequency Step value: 100kHz

5. Frequency stabilization mode: PLL PLL Frequency Synthesizer

6. Frequency Stability: ± 10ppm (-10 C + 60 ° C)

7. frequency deviation: ≤ ± 75kHz (100%)

8. Work: continuous work

9. Clutter and harmonic: ≤-60dB

10. SNR: ≥60dB

11. Stereo separation: -50dB

12. Audio Frequency Response: 80 ~ 15000Hz

13. Audio distortion: <2%

14. modulation: 15%

15. Input Level: -15dBV (adjustable)

16. RF Output Impedance: 50 ohms

17. RF output power: 1.5W / 15 W

18. The reference for distance: 2Km-18Km (open field)

19. Dimensions: length 265, width 160, height 55MM (excluding protrusions)

20. Weight: 1.47 KG available

 MP3 mode

MP3 provides three modes as the source for the transmitter, USB / SD card, radio and stereo Bluetooth.

You can host panel MODE switch can also be operated with a remote control, but the USB / SD mode is a priority for the other two modes, regardless of the current state of work in the Bluetooth or radio, just plug in USB / SD card, the system will play USB / SD card file, pause the other modes, unplug USB / SD card, the system will automatically return to the previous mode.

USB / SD card support MP3, WAV, WMA format music files; supports stereo Bluetooth, enabling wireless music paired with the phone after a good, as long as the phone supports a wide format, can be transferred to the transmitter via Bluetooth as the source, the Bluetooth device name Pairing Bluetooth transmission distance is determined by environmental factors YMX-16R, non-smart phones need to enter a password -0000 conducted open wide to the left and right about 15 meters: for.

Bluetooth mode without calling features, but the transfer would have been paired to play music on a good phone, when the phone call, the music automatically stops playing, Bluetooth does not transmit any audio source.

Bluetooth mobile phones can only a single pair, if you want to replace the phone pairing, please delete the scene YMX-16R another device name of the phone, and then matched pairs.

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