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    fmuser 7W CZH CZE-7C FM stereo PLL transmitter broadcast +1/2 Wave Dipole Antenna+power kit

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  • Date:2012-06-28
  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL) System Easily choose your frequency LCD and buttons Freq range :76MHz~108MHz Power :1.5w OR 7w Ripple or harmonic waves: ...
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Product Description

 FM 7w CZH-7C stereo PLL broadcast transmitter  76MHz~108MHz

7w front 7w back DSCN6173

Features :

  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL) System
  • Easily choose your frequency LCD and buttons
  • Freq range :76MHz~108MHz
  • Power :1.5w OR 7w
  • Ripple or harmonic waves: <= -60dB
  • Tuning Step : 100khz
  • Stability of Frequency: ±5ppm Less than 10ppm ( better system)
  • Freq. Response:  -55dB(100~5000Hz); -45dB(5000 ~ 15000Hz )
  • Audio Input Connector: 3.5mm headphone connector
  • Microphone jack;it can be connected wih the microphone
  • BNC Type antenna output
  • Reduced harmonic ( clean signal )

A half-wave dipole antenna means the length of this dipole antenna is equal to a half-wavelength at the frequency of operation.


Why do we recommend this dipole antenna?

1).The half-wave dipole is very clear and easy for frequency adjustation, there are scales on the side bar of the antenna from which you can adjust the frequency from 88~108 by 1mhz stepping.

2).The dipole is a simple antenna to construct and use, and many of the calculations are quite straightforward.





Package Include:

  • 1 X 7w FM transmitter(not include antenna and power supply)
  • 1/2 Wave FM Dipole professional Antenna

  • power supply


* Connect antenna first before connecting transmitter to DC supply, otherwise, transmitter will be burned out.

* To set the transmit power, push the power button down and hold it then connect DC supply at the same time. When the LCD screen starts to display H or L, press “+” or “-” button to switch between H and L. “H” stands for 7w, L stands for 1.5W.


How far(long) the transmitter cover?

The transmission range depends on many factors. The true distance is based on the sensitivity of the receiver, antenna of the receiver, and the building and other obstructions, which are between the transmitter and receiver. And the distance will much more in countryside.


I have a USA customer use 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in his hometown ,and he test it with a car ,it cover 10km(6.21mile).

I test the 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in my hometown ,it cover about 2km(1.24mile).

I test the 5W fm transmitter with GP antenna in Guangzhou city ,it cover about only 300meter(984ft).


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  1. Victor Ossorio 2014/03/20 at 00:24:59

    do you sell the circuit of the CHZ 7C ?

    • admin 2014/03/20 at 06:28:13

      hello Victor Ossorio
      I’m sorry, we sell 7c but don’t offer circuit to customer.
      Best regard