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    fmuser 15w PREMIUM SDA15B PC Control FM Transmitter 1/2Wave Dipole Antenna DP-100 kit

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  • Date:2012-06-28
  • SDA-15B is a versatile FM transmitter with a variety of protection features , like high-fidelity sound, excellent harmonic, good clutter suppression. ...
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Product Description

New Arrival 0W-15W PREMIUM SDA-15B Professional PC

Control FM Transmitter cover 3m-15km

                       +          1/2 Wave FM Dipole professional Antenna

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SDA-15B is a versatile FM transmitter with a variety of protection features , like high-fidelity sound, excellent harmonic, good clutter suppression.

SDA-15B application is flexible, convenient and suitable for a variety of short-range wireless radio.  Such as schools,supermarkets, factories, railway stations, conferences, family and other places.

It can quickly set up a reliable wireless high-fidelity sound system or FM radio wireless acoustic system, the coverage between 3 m to 15 km  depending on the environment, antenna and other factors.
Main features

○ transmit power continuously adjustable from 0W to 15W
○ constant power, the whole band has 3 ~ 5W margin
○ transmit power automatically lock
○ microphone with reverb and can be turned on or off
○ Single / dual-channel conversion can be
○ with PC control port, through computer manipulation of the machine
○ with audio digital-analog conversion, digital input products easier
○ with VSWR protection, the antenna is not connected or do not match, the automatic access to protected
○ with temperature protection, when the transmitter when the temperature is too high, automatically protected
○ fan with temperature control switch, automatic start or shut down properly
○ panel display and intuitive, simple operation, fast
○ transmitter designed, durable

Technical parameters

Operating voltage 12V ~ 16V (rated voltage 15V)
Current <3A
Frequency range of 87 ~ 108MHZ
Frequency stability ± 10PPM
Frequency step 100KHZ
Operating temperature range -10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Transmit power range 0W ~ 15W
Harmonics, spurious radiation ≤-60dB
Audio Distortion 0.1%
Frequency Response 50HZ ~ 15000HZ
Separation ≧ 35 dB
Input level -15 dBV (adjustable)
Frequency deviation ± 75KHZ
SNR ≧ 60 dB
Machine size 173 mm (L) * 110 mm (W) * 48 mm (H)
Weight about 700 grams

New Arrival! DP100 Exclusive Half Wave FM Dipole Antenna High gain outdoor Dipole antenna 88 to 108mhz for FM Transmitter up to 150w + Cable

gallery 1

A dipole antenna is a radio antenna that can be made of aluminum, copper, and bronze tube with a center-fed driven element. It consists of two metal conductors of rod, oriented parallel and collinear with each other (in line with each other), with a small space between them.

The dipole antenna is a particularly important form of RF antenna which is very widely used for radio transmitting and receiving applications. The dipole is often used on its own as an RF antenna, but it also forms the essential element in many other types of RF antenna. As such it is the possibly the most important form of RF antenna.

A half-wave dipole antenna means the length of this dipole antenna is equal to a half-wavelength at the frequency of operation.



Why do we recommend this dipole antenna?

1).The half-wave dipole is very clear and easy for frequency adjustation, there are scales on the side bar of the antenna from which you can adjust the frequency from 88~108 by 1mhz stepping.

2).The dipole is a simple antenna to construct and use, and many of the calculations are quite straightforward.


Package include:

1. SDA-15B FM transmitter

2. 1/2 Wave FM Dipole professional Antenna

3.Power supply

4. USB cable



PCR control software download link:

New 15BPC control USB Driver

If you have any question please feel free to contact me :[email protected]


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