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    CZH CZE-5C 5W FM stereo PLL transmitter wholesale FMUSER

  • Categories:5W-15W
  • Date:2011-03-21
  • * Phase Lock Loop (PLL) System * Easily choose your frequency LCD and buttons * Freq range :88MHz~108MHz * Power :1w OR 5w * Ripple or harmonic waves: ...
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Product Description






Features :

* Phase Lock Loop (PLL) System
* Easily choose your frequency LCD and buttons
* Freq range :76MHz~108MHz
* Power :1w OR 5w
* Ripple or harmonic waves: <= -60dB
* Tuning Step : 100khz
* Stability of Frequency: ±5ppm Less than 10ppm ( better system)
* Freq. Response:  -55dB(100~5000Hz); -45dB(5000 ~ 15000Hz )
* Audio Input Connector: 3.5mm headphone connector
* Microphone jack;it can be connected wih the microphone
* BNC Type antenna output
* Reduced harmonic ( clean signal )

Package Include:

* 1 X 5w  FM transmitter





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