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    CZH CZE-T251 10W,15W,20W,25W Professional FM stereo broadcast transmitter

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  • Date:2012-10-19
  • Power up to 25 watts -Using digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer (PLL) technology, ultra-high frequency stability. ...
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Product Description

t251sigleNew!! CZH CZE-T251: Adjustable 0-25W Professional FM stereo broadcast transmitter







FEATURES: CZH-T251 25Watt FM transmitter is a professional FM transmitter newly released by CZH FM Transmitter . It’s featured by one button control for all functions. It has VSWR protection, temperature protection, electronic volume adjusting,equipped with low pass filters. It’s applicable in many places, such as stadium, county radio station, community radio station, motel, public square,church, theater and so on.

Technical Specification
Functions and features:

-215mm x 165mm x 54mm chassis

-Power up to 25 watts

-Using digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer (PLL) technology, ultra-high frequency stability.

-Have the standing wave protection, and overtemperature protection.

-Output power from 0 ~ 25W continuously adjustable

-Using the RF power lock feature

-Show the timely output power and various working status.

Electrical parameters:

RF part:

Operating frequency: 87.5 ~ 108MHz

Output power: 0-25Watt (continuously adjustable)

Output Impedance: 50 ohm

Spurious and harmonic radiation:-60db

Audio part:

Frequency response: 50 ~ 15KHz (3db)

Distortion: 0.2%

Left and right channel separation: 45db

LINE IN connector: RCA two-channel Cinch (stereo)

The microphone interface: 6.5mm

Microphone Type: Dynamic microphone (electret microphone is not applicable)

Power supply part:

Rated working voltage: DC 12~13.8V 5A/6A

Maximum power consumption: 60W

Operation Attentions:

1. Make sure the antenna or the Load can be ground connected to transmitter

2. The power supply voltage must be within the allowed range.

3.Make sure the fan ventilation is good.

Package include:

1pc CZH-T251 FM Transmitter


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  1. simon mbata 2013/02/08 at 17:17:15

    i am Eng r. Simon leaves in Lagos Nigeria. pls i would like to get more details how how to purchase the 25watts FM transmitter and its delivery. I have not purchased any goods online before,i will be expecting to hear from you and be sure of my highest regards

    • admin 2013/02/11 at 15:39:32

      Hello friend

      Iit is 270usd for a 25w transmitter.
      it is 325usd for a 25w transmitter with power supply and antenna.
      you could pay them by this link

  2. nigel kwaimani 2014/08/14 at 05:18:43

    quote for FMUSER FU-25a 0-25w Professional FM

    • admin 2014/08/16 at 03:38:14

      it is 270usd for free shipping.