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    FSN-1000W 1KW Professional FM Broadcast Radio Transmitter 87-108MHz 0-1000w

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  • Date:2013-07-09
  • 1000w 1kw fm transmitter ...
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Product Description

NEW FSN-1000W 1KW Professional FM Broadcast Radio Transmitter
So cheap price!!!









High-end digital front panel, direct programming step 100KHz.Soft start rise slowly from the RF output 0 to  the set value.Adjustable power output from 0 to 1000 W with automatic power control to maintain a fixed level of any output.The SCA can be used BNC input connectors, input the standard RDS or SCA additional signals.Provides a conservative high reliability rating components.Easy to rationalize the layout of the circuit and parts replacement.Freescale’s latest LDMOS high reliability tube MRFE6VP5600HR.Built-in stereo encoder.Full protection of the reflected power and overheating problems.Integrated LCD monitor’s all system parameters.

1. XLR audio input
2. L29 RF output connector
3. Emerson Power supply, more stable power support.
4. Electricity 110~260V, suitable for using everywhere in the world.
5. Better ventilation by adding more fan holes on the panel.

Technical Specification:
*Frequency:87-108MHz,           (can be customized 70-110MHz according to user but you will add 190usd for change the frequency)
*Frequency Step: 100KHz, can be customized 10KHz or 50KHz.
*Modulation mode: FM, the peak deviation +/- 75KHz
*Frequency stability: < +/-100Hz
*Frequency stabilization mode: PLL
*Frequency Synthesizer: PLL
*RF output power: 0-1000watts +/-0.5dB
*Harmonic: <-65dBc
*RF output impedance: 50 Ohm
*RF Output Connector: L29 Female
*Audio Input Connector: XLR
*SCA and RDS input connectors: BNC female
*Pre-emphasis: 50us,75us (optional)
*S/ N ratio of mono: >70 dB (20 to 20KHz)
*S/ N ratio stereo: > 65 dB (20 to 15KHz)
*Stereo Separation: -50dB
*AudioFrequency Response: 80~15000Hz
*Audio Distortion: <0.5%
*Input Level: -15dBV
*Main Power Requirements: 220V or 110V
*Operating temperature range: -20 to 45 celsius degrees
*Work: continuous
*Work Size: 483 x 88 x 320 mm, 19-inch standard rack 3U.
*Reference range: 20Km-30Km
*Weight: 16

Package Include:
1*FSN-1000 1000W FM Transmitter

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  1. hector rincon 2014/04/28 at 03:11:18

    How much would it cost to send it to mexico?

    • admin 2014/04/28 at 08:21:18

      Hello friend
      It is 2900usd for free shipping by DHL to Mexico.which way would u want to pay for ?

      Best Regards

  2. hector rincon 2014/04/28 at 03:11:50

    I which to get the information as soon as possible.

  3. nigel joseph 2014/12/30 at 02:57:15

    i need the info 1000watt transmitter

  4. Igor Korolev 2017/12/07 at 15:09:26

    I represent the broadcasting organization.
    Is there a representative office of your plant in Russia? Are your transmitters certified in Russia?
    Interested in what component base your transmitters are built.
    We want to purchase for the further certification and sale in Russia of transmitters: 150 W, 300 W, 500 W, 1000 W.

    Best regards,
    Igor Korolev

    • admin 2017/12/13 at 09:44:06

      Dear Igor Korolev,

      We have sent the pictures to your email . Have you received it ?