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    fm transmitter External battery for iphone 4 3G 3GS

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  • Date:2011-08-29
  • seenda iphone 4 3G 3GS external battery Magic Music Power + Car FM Transmitter Charging ...
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Product Description

seenda iphone 4 3G 3GS external batteryMagic Music Power + Car FM Transmitter

The official description says, Power Magic can give

Apple products such as iphone, iPod, and

blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and other mobile phones and

Digital equipment charge. Although the introduction point of view,

Power Magic can be used for many mobile phones and digital design

Ready to use, but in appearance, it is more like the Ping

If the products are designed.

Standard 30-pin interface is set up specifically for the Apple

Preparation charge, whether it is three generations of four generations of second-generation iPhone,

3GS or iPod are perfectly compatible. Power

Magic1250mA hbattery available for the iPhone

Provide about 200 hours of standby time. Power

Magic is for the iPhone and iPod touch quiet


FM transmitter function

Power Magic added a very useful

Function, FM radio transmitter, as long as the mobile device

With a 3.5mm audio interface, you can move the

Audio on mobile devices to Renyiyitai FM radio transmitter

Audio players. The transmitter’s frequency range can be set

Circumference of 88.1 – 107.9Mh, capable of firing in the range of

3-9 meters.

One way: by inserting the 30-pin interface

iPhone to connect. Set frequency 108.0 (

Arbitrary value), another device with FM radio

Also set to the frequency of 108.0 (corresponding to an arbitrary value),

The device can play audio from the iPhone, this

At the same time bear the FM transmitter and battery charging operation. That

Way only Apple devices.
Second way: by using the 3.5mm audio extension cable

iPhone to connect, to extend the line of an insertion

3.5mm audio interface on the iPhone, then the other end

The battery. FM transmitting and receiving methods such as method one, this

The battery is not charging iPhone. The method is applicable

Apple devices, but also for other mobile devices.

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    please iwant a 15watts fm transmitter one piece what should i do to get it plase reply