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    Dr-07x recording pen SLR mobile phone video recording meeting classroom interview machine USB sound card HD

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  • Date:2020-07-30
  • Menu1. High-quality one-way stereo condenser microphone, which can record in A-B and XY positions2. Support multiple menu languages ​(English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Russian/Portuguese/Old language/Chinese/여3. Insertion ove ...
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Product Description

1. High-quality one-way stereo condenser microphone, which can record in A-B and XY positions
2. Support multiple menu languages ​(English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Russian/Portuguese/Old language/Chinese/여
3. Insertion overwrite recording function with level 1 undo
4. Use as a two-in/two-out USB audio interface for Mac or PC recording
5. Dictation mode specially designed for vocal recording and transcription
6. Reverberation effect for vocal and instrument resonance
7. Automatic recording function, which can detect the sound input signal level and automatically start recording
8. The proven high sound pressure design can record sounds up to 125 DB SPL
9. Peak reduction function
10. Self-timing recording function
11. Seamless gain control
12. Three low-cut filter levels (40/80/120 Hz)
13. The variable speed (VSA) function can adjust the speed from 0.5 to 15 times (in increments of 0.1)
14. Level alignment function to prevent uneven volume
15. Equalizer settings, used to adjust playback sound quality
16. Split/delete function
17. Anti-power-off memory function, keep at the last playback stop position, and start playing from that position when the power is turned back on
18. Jump back and play (1 to 10 seconds (in 1 second increments), 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds)
19.Quick menu button for easy access to any function
20. It can achieve high-quality 96kHz/24-bit WAV/BWF linear PCM recording and long MP3 file recording
21. Microsd/ micro SDHC/ MICROSDXC (maximum 1286B) card can be used as recording media
22. Mark function, can set up to 99 points of mark information for a single track (for BMF compatible software
23. Can play audio files created on the computer (only in the format compatible with this product
24. Built-in mono speaker, output power 0.3
25. Pre-recording buffer, which can be recorded 2 seconds before recording
26. When the predetermined maximum file is reached, a new file will be created to continue recording
27. Track increment creates new files at any location during recording
28. User-defined name or date can be used to set file name format
29. The first six characters of the recording file name can be set freely
30. Playlist function
31. Equipped with a chromatic tuner to help practice the instrument
32. Stereo mini headphone jack for external stereo microphone (plug-in power supply provided) external line input
33. Stereo mini headphone line output/headphone output interface
34, 128×64 pixel graphic LCD display with backlight
35. Use USB2.0 to quickly transfer files to a computer
36. Powered by 2 A batteries, USB bus power, or optional AC adapter (PS-P520E)
37. Built-in tripod attachment-screw hole

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