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    300W 350w radio broadcast station FM transmitter PCB KITS

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  • Date:2012-05-16
  • Power supply voltage: DC 48V - Power Output: 0 to 300Watt adjustable (step 1W) - Frequency range: 87.5-108 MHz - Frequency Step: 0.1MHZ ...
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– A Kind Reminder: This is a kit and skilled assembly is required.
– The Kit includes an amplifier board, a control panel board, an interface board and connection cables.
– Power adjustable: 0-300 watts
– LCD displays working frequency, volume, temperature, forward power, reflected power and SWR, Single knob operation.
– Automatic power control maintaining the output at any preset level Provided with SWR protection function and temperature protection, raise alarm prompts once meet any trouble while working.

(1) Control panel board

– It includes FM modulation circuit, user interface circuit, RF drive circuit, fan control circuit, auto power control circuit.
– The RF output of this board is 1 watt.

(2) Amplifier board

– The amplifier circuit includes BLF278 power amplifier circuit, power and SWR measuring circuit, digital temperature detection circuit.

(3) Interface Board

– Dual stereo audio input interface.
– RS232 port (for Program debug, optional).
– AUX interface.
– Signal input level preset potentiometer.

(4) Connection cables

– Connect control board with amplifier board cable.
– Connect control board with interface board cable.
– RF cable: connect control board with the final stage amplifying board.
– Fool-proofing designed by color with IDC interface.


– Power supply voltage: DC 48V
– Power Output: 0 to 300Watt adjustable (step 1W)
– Frequency range: 87.5-108 MHz
– Frequency Step: 0.1MHZ
– Operating Current: Less than 10A
– Input power: Less than 1 watt
– Harmonic suppression: -65 dBc
– Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
– Frequency stability: ± 10 ppm (-10  ° C to +60 ° C )
– Frequency Response: 50 – 15000Hz
– SNR: More than 50dB
– Distortion: less than 0.5%
– Parasitic amplitude modulation: Less than 0.2%
– Frequency deviation: Less than ±75KHz
– Modulation Mode: WFM
– Transmission Signal: FM Stereo or Mono
– Tuning Design: Stable PLL Technology
– Audio Input Level: -15db Max: -30db
– Stereo Separation: More than 40db
– Output Impedance: 50 ohm
– Amplifier PCB Size: 160mm(L) * 70MM(W) * 8MM(T)


– Amplifier board *1
– Control panel board *1
– Interface board *1
– Connection cable *1

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    1pza 350w radio broadcast station FM transmitter PCB KITS,

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    je passe commande.

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